Dominant Diary – Road Trip

Funny how she thought that because we were in the car that she’d be safe from humiliation. I told her last week that we would be going out ofove chair vintage town for a few days. She was to pack nothing – I’d have it all arranged. All she had to do was put on a pretty dress, comfortable shoes, and her purse.  She was ready to go when I got home, which pleased me greatly. Before we left the house, though, she needed one thing – that only I could give her. I bent her over the living room chair, gave her bottom a light spanking, the a good fucking. It had been several days since we’d had the opportunity and by the time I entered her, she was more than ready for me. She’s always wet and hot for me – just one of the many, many reasons why I love and respect her. It takes a strong person to put another person’s wants and desires before her own, and she is certainly such a person. But, I digress. I felt her body tighten around my dick then quiver. She screamed my name as I watched and felt the waves of pleasure crash over her. Only after I had made sure she had enjoyed three or four (they ran together a bit) orgasms did I atumblr_o03gqkwCS81qlcyfro1_500llow myself to come inside of her. Now, with her pussy filled with my cream, we could be on our way. She started to get into the front seat with me, but I stopped her. I held open the back door. She hesitated, had that beautiful confused look on her face, the slid in. Once we were on the highway, I told her to lie down. She complained about the seatbelt, but safety first. I made her keep it on. Then, I told her to pull her breasts from the top of her pretty dress. She gasped and begged me not to make her. She hates being exposed in any way publicly, but that’s part of the appeal – a large part of the appeal. I told her she’d get ten stripes with my belt for every minute she made me wait. She freed her breasts. Then, I handed her two clothes pins. She moaned a bit, but knew what I wanted. I glanced back using the rear view mirror to make sure she obeyed. Seeing that she had, I turned the radio up. She remained clipped and down for twenty minutes. Then, I told her to release her nipples. She did and my dick swelled at the sound of her low cry as the blood rushed back to her nips. I had her keep the clips off for twenty minute, then back on. We repeated the cycle for two hours. By then, I had to pee. I pulled into a rest area. She had just removed the clothespins, so her nipples were perfect. I told her to button up her dress. We got out, stretched our legs, used the facilities. Her cheeks were bright red the entire time. She kept her eyes down, refusing to make eye contact with anyone other than me. We got back into the car, this time with her in the front seat. I held her hand, kissed it, and said, “How do you feel?” “Exposed and vulnerable. I feel indecent. Please, let me wear underclothes. Please?” I glanced at her and pinched a nipple. “Absolutely not, my love. Absolutely not.”tumblr_o8vf5gjslV1u8gq8wo1_1280

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