Diary of a Dominant

She is mine. She pledged herself to me and until she or I revoke that pledge, she is mine. I think of her continuously. I work hard to provide for her. I set rules to kecuffed wristep her safe. I set expectations to keep up both happy. She needs this control, demands it. As her Dominant, it is my duty and my privilege to provide what she needs. Today, she needed reminding of her pledge. Sadly, I had to be away from the house most of the day. So this morning I left her with physical reminders. First, I put on her cuffs. Not the pretty ones that look like bracelets, the leather ones which cannot be mistaken for anything other than what they are. Then, I bound her to the center of the bed. I’ve installed eye hooks at various places on the bed frame and keep a variety of ropes and carabiners in my nightstand for easy access. Then, I had her kneel on the bed, face on the mattress. She began to protest, knowing what was coming, but one look at my face and she stopped. I ran my and over her pussy and my cock jumped to life. She was already dripping, her labia swollen. I gather her wetness and in my index and middle fingers and used it to lubricate her anus. She moaned, the begged me to be gentle. She always begs for this whenever I take her ass. I’m an unusally large man both in girth and length. When I take her ass, she feels it all day. I told her that I’d take her however I wanted and today, sadly, gentleness had no place in my mind. She wimpered and got wetter. I pressed the tip of my cock against her tiny, tight hole and pushed, balls deep. She cried out. I knew her body was struggling to accommodate me, but mercy was not what she needed. She’d been far too bratty lately for that. I pulled out and pushed in again. Hard. Deep. Then, I slapped her ass. Again, she cried out and I thought I’d come right then and there. but, it was far too soon. I told her to go ahead ahead and cry. I loved the sound of her moans. Her voice could drive me to madnes14383383_10153716677781541_1183501295_ns, especially when laced with lust, desire, passion, and pain. Her ass was bright red now and I kept on slapping it. She needed this as witnessed by her babbling. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I could barely understand her words because of her sobbing. Then, I felt her body tighten and begin to quiver. She was ready, but I was in a particularly merciless mood this morning. I grabbed her hair, close to her scalp, pulled back her head and leaned over. “Don’t you dare come without permission,” I warned. She moaned again and begged, “Please. I need this!” I plunged in deep and hard. Her voice tipped me over the edge and I filled her with my cum. “Come and I’ll plug you for the day,” I ground out. With one final thrust I emptied myself. I knew she’d come if I didn’t stop her, so I pulled out, grabbed her legs, straightened her and flipped her over all in one move. “Clean me,” I ordered and straddled her face. She opened her mouth and I dipped my cum streaked dick inside. Even flaccid, I was a good 7 inches. She gagged, but I kept her mouth full. Her tear stained face was almost enough to make me hard again, but I didn’t have that luxury. I pulled out and told her she’d done well. I left her there, bound to the bed, wet, needy, while I showered and dressed for work. When I was ready, I went back to our room and locked our closet where all of her clothes were. Then, I unhooked her. “Today, you’ll do your chores and stay in my house. You’ll wear only your cuffs. Do not shower. Do not wipe off my cum when it drips down your legs. If I don’t see the remains of this morning’s activities dried on your legs when I get home, I’ll fuck your ass again, deny you orgasm, and then make you wear the largest plug we have all night. You are mine. Do not forget it.” Her eyes widened, then darkened. Yep. This was exactly what she needed. “Yes, Milord.” Now, all I have to do is make it through three meetings and a 9 hour day before I can take her again. A small part of me really hopes she disobeys.

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