tumblr_oldikcti2g1u7u0qho1_500I work as a waitress for my Boss. I am also his submissive. Actually, I was his submissive first and then begged him to give me job. I don’t really need a job. When I was younger I made some very lucrative investments and so money isn’t a primary reason for this position. Serving my Boss, however, is. He owns a little coffee shop and puts in around 80-90 hours a week there. I suggested that in order to have more time together that he hire me. He agreed, but with the stipulation that I am not simply another employee, but his Submissive employee. He treats me the same as everyone else publicly, but when it is just the two of us in the shop, things change. First, I wear no underwear. The uniform is long enough to cover everything under normal circumstances. Today, though, it was just the two of working. I bumped into a table I was bussing and dropped a glass of milk. The Boss frowned at me and pointed to the floor. I went onto my hands and knees to clean up the mess, using several rags. Once the customers had left, Boss locked the door and changed the sign to closed. I was still wiping up the milk when he came behind me and tucked my skirt up into the apron tie at my waist. I blushed, knowing I was completely exposed to him. I finished cleaning the spill and stood, my skirt still tucked up. He nodded and told me to finish mopping the floor. The lights were low, but anyone looking in the window would see my bottom fully exposed. I finished the shore quickly, dumped the water and put away the mop and bucket. “In My Office. Prepare.” He said. Nodding, I marched into his office. I pulled off my uniform and bra, folded them, placed them on his desk.  I pulled his chair to the center of the room and stood next to it. After about 15 minutes, he came in. I was shivering a bit by this time, but that’s how he wants me. I wasn’t cold, just eager, excited, and a tad bit fearful. He makes me wait so that I can think about all of the possibilities. Tonight, he holds a wide wooden spoon in his hand. He sits, pulls me over his lap and runs his hand down my back. “You know that saying about spilled milk? Well, my dear, you will be crying over it, won’t you?” Yes, Boss. I will. “I’m proud of you, dear. You cleaned the spill up n358495icely and didn’t complain or hesitate with this punishment.” I felt my labia thicken and pleasure begin to drip. “Nonetheless, I need to make sure you respect me and my rules. If I easy on you, you might lose that respect. I love you too much for that to happen. Do you understand?” Yes, Boss. Thank you. Trust me, by the time he finished, my face was as wet with tears as my thighs were with my juices and I certainly did not lose respect for Boss. In fact, I gained respect for him.

I am truly blessed to be in the service of a man who is true to his word and loves me enough to work to keep my respect.

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