How to Use a Spatula

Image result for spatula spankingSage had written a list of personal characteristics she wanted to work on, things that she did often enough that she was ashamed. In fact some of these acts had  cost her both friends and jobs. Ben, bless him, had agreed to help with these. He told her to choose five punishments that she’d be willing to withstand should she lapse into any of these behaviors, to write them on index cards, and place the cards in a small box. Then, whenever she fell into these habits, she’d pull a card and he’d be more than happy to administer the punishment

The habits included the following:  1.  Smart Mouth, 2.  mimicking or mocking someone, 3.  dropping the F bomb, 4.  refusing to do something she’d already agreed to, 5.  shouting.

Today, it had been Smart Mouth (even after a warning) and Refusing to do something she’d already agreed to, which meant that she’d have to pull 2 cards. Ben didn’t say a word, just held out the box. Sighing, she nodded and chose. Spanking with a spatula. Exposure. 

Over the counter, Motherspanker-e1336927406396he said. Sage bit her lip. She didn’t want either of these, but she knew she needed it. Slowly, she did as he said. Ben pulled down her shorts and panties, exposing her bottom. Then he began. After five swats, Sage was pounding her fists on the countertop. After ten she was sobbing. After twenty, she was boneless, any bit of resentment or defiance having left her body.

Ben bent over, kissed her neck and whispered. Now that’s much better. Last time it took 35 swats to bring you to this level. Sage smiled through her tears. It didn’t matter that he ass felt swollen and bruised. All that mattered was that she had improved. She stood, wrapped her arms around Ben’s neck and kissed him. He reached down to the hem of her t-shirt, lifting as far as he could. He broke the kiss then removed the shirt.

You can keep the bra on. I wouldn’t want those perfect nipples to get snapped by grease. No complaining and no other incidents, and after breakfast I’ll make love to you until you scream my name.


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