Weekend Level Up:

My Love is pushing me to  Another Level. I welcome this. I want this. I need this. Don’t for one moment think I’m a wimpy little rug with no self esteem who’s grateful for some big strong man to abuse me. Nope. Not at all. I hold a Ph.D., am a tenured professor, and have never once been ashamed of my who I am. What I am is a secure, intelligent, loving woman who graves a release from the World. My Love provides that for me. Slowly, he is taking me up and up levels of submission until I am able to give him all of my power. That is what I crave and what he is willing to lead me to – Total Exchange of Power. I exchange my power for his control. My submission for his Dominance. My love for his.

This weekend, My Love has confined me to the house. I am to remain nude, nothing hidden from Him. I am also to be leashed at all  times. My “leash” is actually no more than a skein of yarn tied loosely around my waist. I have free movement of our home so long as the yarn stays put. My Love has, bless Him, made sure that all the blinds are down so I don’t have to worry about walking by an open window where anyone passing by might see. Why this? Because weekends are when I do the grocery shopping, the gardening, exchanging my library books. By agreeing to remain leashed, I am giving My Love the power to do these things. I’m trusting him. By agreeing to remain nude, I’m giving My Love the power to enjoy my body in any way he chooses – to look at it, caress it, fuck it, condition it, discipline it, play with it. I’m trusting him.

If I succeed at making it until Monday morning without complaining, I will be rewarded. How? That’s for Him to decide. If I do complain, untie the lease, or put on even one stitch of clothing, I will be disciplined. That’s for Him to decide.

Will this be challenging for me? You have no idea. Is He happy I’m eager to do this? Indeed yes. Who’s going to be happier if I succeed? Me. Definitely Me.

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