Because He Needs Me

tumblr_ol66qsglpc1vdwq0co1_1280Because He needs release, I gladly attend to Him. I am his refuge, His relaxation, His comfort.

He sent me a text earlier today, telling me of His need. It is my pleasure much more than my duty as his submissive to cater to Him. I prepared my body – showering, shaving, cleaning everything both inside and out. Fixing my hair, my make-up and dressing as He prefers. Next, I arranged His favorite toys – dildos, plugs, cuffs, nipple clamps, floggers, spreader bars, paddles, blindfolds, and gags – so that they are easily within his reach. I have no idea which he’ll use, but I want him to have everything he might need readily available. Then, I wait. I stand, nose to the cold, hard brick wall, hands behind my back, and wait. I’ll stay as long as it takes. He’s due home at any moment, but whether it’s five minutes or an hour, I’ll wait upon His pleasure because this pleases me. I soften and feel my labia swell. I smell my own musk. My nipples harden into bullet points and I pray he’ll suck them, bite them, clamp them. They beg for attention.

I hear his footfall on the steps coming down to the basement, but I remain still. He runs a warm hand down my back and I shiver. “Thank you, my love. For this,” he says, his hand now on my bottom. “The thought of you is what got me through this day.” He runs his fingers between my lips. I sigh with pleasure and he feels my wetness. “I fear you’re in for a very long session. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Milord. I am.”

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