This holiday, once celebrated on February 15, now on February 2, originally honored the “purification” of the Virgin Mother after the birth of the Holy Babe. Later, it became a time where all of the candles used during the year would be Purified during a special mass and, as such, became a celebration of light. Like many Christian holidays, this one began long before Christianity came to England.  It is, actually, an ancient festival which marks the mid-point of winter. There’s an old German tradition that if a badger comes out of his hole – well – you get the idea. In America, we call it Groundhog Day for a reason. In the Pagan tradition, it is often called Imbolc.

Milord decided that we would honor this day in our own special way. First, He lit candles throughout our Special Room. Then, he turned off the electrical lights so that the room was aglow with stumblr_ng6m8azikq1sy0ea9o1_400oft golden flames. So far, I wasn’t concerned in the least. Not even when he positioned me on what I fondly called the Spanking Chair. It is thickly cushioned so that I am in relative comfort. He has me bend over the back of the chair and grasp the arms or seat. Sometimes, he ties my wrists to the front legs and my angles to the back ones. Tonight, he did this – bound me to the chair so that I was immobile. I was bent in such a way that my bottom was upward which was an uncomfortable position to be sure. Nonetheless, I offered no complaint. Why would I? Then, Milord showed me a tall, red taper. “You, my dear, will be the light of my year as well as my life,” he explained. “You will be the holder of this little candle. Well, part of you will be. You must trust me to remove it before you are burned by the flame. The wax, however, will drip onto your most delicate and tender flesh thereby purifying you through your discomfort. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Milord. I am.”

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