What Lies Beneath – 2

It should bother me, the tightness of the corset, the constant rolling of the banecklls, the water still dripping from my anus, my drenched panties. It should humiliate me that He has raised my skirt while we are still outside of his apartment, exposing me to whomever might look our way. I feel only pride at His words That’s my good sub and excitement so tangible that I might burst into flames. He leads me into his home, closing the door behind us. He slowly lifts the dress over my head and walks around me. I remain still. This is how He wanted to see me. Corseted, wet, trembling with passion. I want nothing but for Him to take me, but it is not for me to beg. He will do with me as He chooses. I have given Him this privilege. So I wait. And He lingers. He taps my thighs and I spread wider. He touches me through the thin, wet fabric of the panties and I begin to pant. He chuckles. the ice that was once inside of me and has long since dripped down my legs has done its work. I feel my insides begin to loosen. Please I whisper. He stands behind me, tips my head back and kisses my neck. One minute He says as he grasps the delicate fabric between my legs and yanks, ripping it from my body.

One minute later I stand before Him again, calmer. He pinches my clit and I can’t take it. I explode. He watches as my body trembles and I fight to remain on my feet, a slow smile spreading across His face. He nods His approval. One finger, then two enter my newly creamed cunt. He extracts the balls and I feel empty. A tear slips down my cheek. He sees this and smiles again. My tears please Him almost as much as my orgasms do. He lifts me, placing me on His table. Then, finally, He undresses, exposing His sculpted body. He kisses me again, pressing be back, lifting my knees. Between Him and the corset, I can barely breath. Suddenly, I’m whirling out of control again. He plunged His cock fully into me, balls deep. Hard. Fast. I scream, but His mouth is still on mine. He fucks me. Hard. Fast. No gentleness. No finesse. I come and come and come. My body is boneless and my mind floats. His mouth pulls away from mine and He growls, burying himself in my body. He tenses and shoots his pleasure into my soul.

Later, I wonder at the purpose of the ice. He explains, I wanted the silk wet enough to easily rip. I should have known. He always has a purpose.

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