What Lies Beneath

tumblr_ok25pluolm1rrqsx6o1_1280A pretty dress, flowing dress can hid so much. a bit of bulge, a scar, a bruise, a secret. No one knows what lies beneath – aside from those who need to know that is.  I love secrets, especially ones that harm no one but rather, bring pleasure. This is a story of such secrets. Pleasurable secrets. I’m on my way to meet Him. He knows the secrets since they areAsvani Glass Ben Wa Balls - These blooming ben wa balls are ideal for exercising Kegel muscles for more control and sexual sensation, as ...: of His design. I know the secrets since I am His instrument. Each time He summons me, He tells me how to prepare. This morning, His demands were intricate. Packages began arriving at 7:30 a.m.; some with a note, others obvious. The first small package was obvious. Two pretty ben wah balls. Clear with flowers encased within. Next, a front lace corset with matching panties. The instructions stated that I was to don the corset, tighten the laces, wait twenty minutes, tighten again. They said nothing of the panties, so I did nothing with them. He is nothing if not One-piece elegant strap victorian corset top features lace-up front and back closure, side zipper and satin ribbons.  Poly boning      Fashion corsets do not provide significant waist reduction greater than 1".  Please be sure you loosen the lacing on a corset before trying it on. A corset is meant to be tightened once you are wearing it. Loosen the laces so that you can fasten the front or zip it up, if it has a zipper, then tighten the back laces. Loosen the laces to approx your natural wa...: detail oriented. The doorbell rang again. I waited a moment, then answered. A package was on my welcome mat. Fill the tray with water. Freeze for one hour. Tighten the corset two more times. Remove two cubes from the tray. Insert into your anus. put on the panties, a pretty dress, and come to me.

Water Bottle Ice Trays - or you can make homemade treats like finger jello, chocolates or candies using these trays.: And so I do as He commands. The corset is not so tight I can barely bend. I gasp at the coldness of the ice as it enters my body. It immediately begins to melt; water running down my legs. No matter. I insert the second. As quickly as I can, I put on the panties and finish dressing. In no time my panties are soaked and my legs wet. The ben wah balls sway within me, adding to the wetness. I leave my home and go to Him. I smile a secret smile as I pass strangers on the sidewalk. I am conscious of my cold panties pressed against my flesh, my damp legs, my beating heart. He leans against the door of his apartment, smiling as well. He pulls me to Him, devours my mouth and raises my skirt. His chest rumbles when He feels my sodden panties and He whispers, That’s my good sub.


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