Another Level

I was the one who wanted the new tattoo and I was the one who chose to let Sir decide what to get and where. We’ve lived together for 7 years now and I’ve been his submissive for 5. If I don’t trust him by now, I never will. Now that the new ink is added, I don’t regret it a bit. I just hadn’t realized just how much Sir would enjoy the whole process. Nor did I realize that he was going to turn the process into another lesson in leveling up in our journey to TPE (Total Power Exchange). , but he’s not a man to miss an opportunity and I’m not a woman who goes back on her word.

We arrived at the Tattoo parlour and Sir explained that I was to go to a room, get in position, and wait. The artist asked me – several times – if I was cool with this and I answered, emphatically, Yes. Grinning, the artist showed me to a private room and told me to pull up my skirt and lay on my stomach. I blushed, figuring out pretty easily that Sir had decided where he wanted the new ink.

A few minutes later he and the artist came back in the room and the tattooing began. I was nothing more than the canvas. Sir and the artist chatted about sports, cars, the color of my skin, how wet I was getting, and the weather. I lay there, listening, and trying not to move. After an hour, the artist said that it was complete and asked Sir if he wanted a mirror so I could see. Sir, much to my surprise, declined. He said that I was not allowed to see the tat until it had healed. He did, however, take out his phone and snap a picture of it. All week he has applied ointment and taken care of the tat. Today, finally, he deemed me completely healed and allowed me to write this blog. He sent me the picture and told me I was to post it. Only after this is posted will I be allowed to actually see the new ink.

Do I have regrets? Nope. Not one. Sure i was dying of curiosity, but I trusted Sir completely. All week I’ve been so proud of myself for not begging to see it. Sir, too, has been proud of me and made love to me – gently (me standing and bent over so as not to aggravate the new tat) – every day since the parlour visit. I’m getting closer every day to achieving my goal of TPE. butterfly-tattoos-suhar40

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