Winter Rules – a bit late

I apologize and assure you that I have been properly disciplined for this late posting (more on that later). Since December 22, our Winter Rules have been in effect. In addition to our House Rules, these five rules will be in effect until March 22. So, hInsertable Black Egg with Silver Chain - Vaginal Anal Jewelry Ben Wa Ballsere’s the Big Five.

  1.  I will post a new story/update at least twice a week.
  2. I will, in detail, post any discipline sessions.
  3. I will have at least one hole filled for a minimum of two hours a day. It will be my responsibility to remind Master of this rule if he has not seen to it by 7:00 p.m. It is, naturally, his choice of which hole/holes to fill and with what. He also has the right to keep said hole/holes filled for longer than 2 hours if he so desires.
  4. Since I tend to become constipated (I’m so embarrassed actually typing this!!!) during the winter, I will eat only one serving of carbs daily. If the issue still exists, Master will order a series of enemas.
  5. I will wear only cupless bras and crotchless underwear unless Master decides I am to refrain from any lingerie. Nonetheless, my nipples, cunt, and anus will be open to him (even beneath winter clothing) at all times.

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