The Adventures of Scott Pepper and Wayne Wiggles – 1

Wayne Wiggles tightened the final knot. Now, all that was left to do was arrange the sushi. He bend down, kissed the beautiful “platter”, and said, “Thanks for doing this, Sophie. My brother’s going to love it.” Sophie smiled and replied, “I’m pretty sure we’re both going to love it.” Wayne finished placing the last bit of sushi on Sophie’s chest just as his brother came into the house.

“Wayne, what are you doing here?” he asked

“Just came to say ‘Happy Birthday, Bro’. I’ve got a surprise for you in the dining room. Gotta go, though. Enjoy.”

Scott Pepper shook his head in confusion.  First, he was shocked that his brother had remembered his birthday, and second, they didn’t usually get each other gifts. He glanced toward his dining room and sniffed. Sushi. He LOVED sushi. He walked into the room and stopped in his tracks. Tied down to the top of his mahogany table was Sophie, the woman he’d been wanting to ask out if he could gather his courage. Sushi covered her naked body. In her mouth was a folded piece of paper, which Scott removed, grinning, his dick springing to life.

Mr. Scott, Please excuse my forwardness, but I’ve wanted to belong to you for months now. I talked your brother into helping me with my plan. I ask that you enjoy your meal – please, eat, lick, bit anything you see that you find desirable. I will speak only with your permission. Happy birthday, Sophie.

Scott felt his dick harden even more. He looked down into Sophie’s eyes and saw his own desire reflected in hers. He picked up a pair of wooden chop sticks and snagged a bit of food from her belly. He chewed slowly, hatching a plan. He picked up another morsel, this one on her mound. He heard her sigh and a new musky scent filled the air. “Let’s see how well Wayne secured you.”  Using his left hand, he began to finger her dripping pussy. She jerked and moaned again. Using his right hand to manipulate the chop sticks and enjoy his meal, he continued to work her pussy with first one, the two, the three fingers. Finally, he felt a surge of wetness and watched gleefully as tremors rocked her body.

“Time for dessert,” he announced. He knelt between her legs and ran his down up the length of her wet slit. Sophie gasped and strained against her bonds. He dipped his tongue deep inside of her, fucking her. “Please, yes,” she murmured. Scott pulled back and said, “I thought you weren’sushit supposed to speak unless to answer a questions, Sophie. Guess that deserves a punishment.” Sophie’s eyes widened, but she also nodded her head. Wayne grinned, picked up the chop sticks and captured her hard, little clit before he went back to tongue fucking her. Sophie arched her back, and screamed his name, her orgasm washing over her. when she’d calmed, Scott stood up and undressed. He shook his head in mock severity and said, “Guess there’s only one sure way to keep you from talking, Sophie. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to fill that naughty mouth.” He climbed onto the table, straddling her. Sophie eagerly opened her mouth and Scott was afraid he’d blow his wad right then. Biting down on his resolve, he lowered his cock into her mouth. Sophie wrapped her lips around his girth, sucking him down until the head of his cock knocked against the back of her throat. He grasped her hair close to her skull, not hard enough to hurt, but firmly. She looked up at him, and he thought that life just didn’t get any better. He fucked her mouth until his balls tightened. He knew he wouldn’t last long. He looked down at her and said.
“You ready for you meal?” She blinked twice and nodded as best as she was able. With that, Scott threw his head back, roared, and shot his load down her throat. Sophie gulped, closed her eyes, and kept her lips tightly locked around his cock. When he was empty, he pulled away and stood. He kissed her deeply, and she responded in kind.  “Sophie, that was incredible. I’m going to untie you now.” When she was free of the ropes, she threw her arms around him. He held her close and asked, “Does this mean the evening isn’t over yet?”

“Not even close to over, Mr. Scott. Not even close.”

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