Nips to attention

It’s my own fault. I whined to His Lordship that I didn’t like how my nipples seemed to point downward more than upward. We were dressed to go out for the evening – dinner, movie, that type of Vanilla thing. His Lordship, however, had forbidden me from wearing a bra, so my nipples and their pierced rings were somewhat visible beneath my sweater. I was so busy staring at my aging body I almost missed his sniff of disapproval. Turning to look at him, I realized my mistake. I had insulted what was His. He ordered me to get my collar – the Firm collar, not the Subtle collar. Gulping, I did so, and handed him the thick, silver choker collar. He snapped it in place. I began to cry a bit. I hated wearing this one out to a Vanilla tumblr_o9p458ppan1rebgq1o1_540event or place. No one could mistake what it was or its meaning. People stared at me with either horror, pity, or curiosity. Nonetheless, I deserved a bit of humiliation. Then His Lordship pushed down my sweater, exposing my breasts. He sucked them until I was boneless. Then, he laced a white ribbon through the rings of my piercings and then up to the ring of my collar, pulling my nipples upward. Then, he stood behind me, forcing me to look in the mirror again. “There. Now there will be no doubt of those nipples being at attention, will there?” He pulled my sweater back up. Yes, I deserve this embarrassment of having strangers stare at my collar, my ribbon, and my erect nipples. But oh, the humiliation is so worth it to see the look of pride and lust in his eyes.


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