New Year’s Eve Preparation

I showered, shaved, and primped. Dressed in my lingerie. Fixed my hair and makeup. Then, presented myself to Mister. He nodded approval, then sat on the “fainting” couch at the end of our bed. I am not allowed to actBDSM Datingually sit on this couch without permission (which I’m totally cool with!). This is the discipline couch and the worshiping couch. This is the preparation couch. Tonight, it is all three. First, discipline. In honor of the year 2016, he gives me 16 hard hand spankings on each cheek. In honor of the year 2017, he administers 17 swats with his favorite wooden paddle to each cheek. By this time, I’m crying, my make-up running down my face, but I’m proud that I haven’t wiggled off his lap. Truth be told, I couldn’t be more content. My pussy is dripping, my ass is scarlet, and Mister’s cock is pushing into my stomach. When he finishes, I slide to the floor and release that cock. It’s the most glorious cock in the world. I lick the pre-cum hungrily. I massage his balls and slide my lips down his length. I continue to suck on him, kissing him, licking him, worshiping him until I feel the tightening of his balls and the swelling of his cock. My pussy gushes as he drains his balls. I swallow every drop and continue to lick and kiss until he pushes gently. I sit back on my heels, wincing when my tender ass touches . I know full well that I won’t want to sit for the rest of the evening. It’s possible I will have difficulty sitting tomorrow. I think about this and begin to tremble.

“Once. You may come Once. Then, I’ll finish your preparations and you can put on the dress I picked up for you. You’ll need to re-do your make-up also. Not that I don’t love the look of your mascara running down you face.”  He grins at this. “Now, take off the bra and panties. They won’t be needed. That’s good. Hands on the couch, feet spread, back straight.”

I follow his orders. He spread my cheeks and rims my anus with his tongue. That’s it. It’s over. I explode with pleasure. Tears fall down my face again, this time from the pure joy of him. He works his fingers into my anus, stretching me. Then, when I’m loose and weak, he presses in a plug. I tremble, begging to be allowed to come again. He forbids this.Chloe spring 2015 - love the detail for refashion inspiration: I cannot orgasm again in 2016. I bite my lip when the plug is fully seating inside of me. He gives my bottom another swat and I yelp. I look at the dress he has for me and gasp. It’s backless and the front plunges in a deep V which will expose most of my breasts, barely covering my nipples. I feel my face blush, but I nod, fix my make-up and put on the dress. I look and feel obscene.

Actually, I look and feel like a well used submissive woman going out on New Year’s Eve with her loving, dominant man.


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