Failing the Test

So I failed. I came when I was specifically ordered not to and now He, as he always does, is following through with His punishment. No orgasm for a full week. Just to make sure of this, I’ve agreed to betumblr_n2orwkzqxm1rd7giqo1_540
locked into a chastity belt for the entire week. Luckily, it only covers my puss and not the back door as well. Then again, I’ve never orgasmed from anal, so He figures this will be just fine. I absolutely hate anal – not because it hurts – He makes sure it doesn’t, but because of the whole taboo, humiliation factors. When He uses that part of me, I feel so ashamed – which I should be (since I failed his test). Of course, He did tell me that he knew there was no way I’d pass, which is why he ordered the belt weeks ago. Just because I can’t orgasm, doesn’t mean He can’t. (Yay!) The first morning after He locked me in, He used my anus. I cried from the shame of it, which excited Him even more. That night, He used it again. I was still a tad bit sore from earlier, but in addition to the humiliation, I felt a familiar tingling. He noticed as well and told me that if I came I’d be in the belt for a month. Then, thank16521711._SY540_ the lord, He came quickly.

Since then, He’s used my mouth. I’ve never really enjoyed fellatio, but now that it’s my only access to His magnificent cock, I’m eager for it. When He wants release, He tells me to kneel or just gives me that look. I practically jump for joy. It’s been 5 days since I’ve come, and I’m nothing if not eager and willing. My mouth opens and I go to my knees. He fills me, fucking it like he would my abandoned pussy. Sometimes He gifts me with His cum in my mouth. Sometimes, he splashes it on my face or body where it stays until He allows me to wash it off. Have I learned my lesson? I certainly hope so – but to be honest, I’m not sure. I guess I won’t really know until He tests me again. I am sure, however, that I’ve learned to be a better giver of oral satisfaction, that I now adore the taste of his cum, that I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to worship His cock, and that giving His cock pleasure, even if I am denied, gives me great satisfaction.

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