Pushing to the Next Level

He has tested me before, but never like this. Perhaps “test” isn’t the right word. “Train” might be more accurate. We’ve discussed and we’ve both agreed. We need to take my submission to the next level. Yes, I’m obedient and No, Mister never crosses my limits. Therein lies the issue. We’re at a point were I NEED those limits to be pressed, pushed, and broken. He NEEDS those limits to be tested, weakened, released. Yesterday was the first of many days where Mister pushed me and broke through some of my limits. The result: I trust him more than ever and we are both more satisfied and happier than we were 2 days ago.

It started with a canintumblr_oibrhktrjt1vzc1c5o1_540g. Mister has caned me before. It does, naturally, sting like the dickens, but he’s always careful not to harm me or cause me too  much pain. I knew this was going to be different, though, when he tied me SECURELY to the bed. There was no way I could wiggle away. Now, I knew all I had to do was say one little word and he’d stop. In fact, after ten strokes, I said that word. He’d used a very firm stroke with each swish and I was already in tears. Mister stopped, but didn’t untie me. He stroked my hair, and kissed my neck. Once I’d calmed, he asked if I was ready to go on. This was a surprise, because in the past when I said my word, he’d release me and stop. I thought about my stinging ass. I thought about my hard nipples and wet pussy. I thought about pushing through my limits. I thought about his pleasure. I said Yes. Fifteen more strokes delivered with adroitly. By the time he finished, I’d stopped hollering and was limp, tears soaking into the bed, sweet juices staining the sheets. Mister praised me as he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs. I exploded the moment the tip of his cock touched my wet tunnel. He wasted no time on gentleness – there was no need. I came only once – but it lasted the entire time my body encased his length. He came inside of me, his hot cum filling an emptiness I didn’t know existed. He pulled out slowly, then used his fingers to lubricate my anus with his own cum mixed with my wetness.

please, no. please, no. please, no, I begged (notice I did not use THAT word.) He ignored me and inserted a medium sized silicone plug. I sighed, grateful. He could have chosen a much bigger, metal plug. As he untied me, he informed me that we would be having guests for dinner. I was to wear the gown hanging in the bathroom. Only the gown. Nothing else. I went to get ready and saw, with horror, a lace dress. I rushed back into the bedroom and said there was no way I could wear that. Everyone would see straight through it. oops. Before I finished my rant, I was flipped back onto the bed, face down. His hand came down hard, over and over again, on my already stinging bottom. I kicked and screamed, but he held me in place and continued to spank until I’d become boneless. Then, he said, Are you ready to follow directions now? Silently, I nodded. c0abt3rwgac1kuj

Twenty minutes later, I welcomed our guests – two couples we’d met at the local BDSM club. The looked me up and down, but were not shocked in the least. I smiled and looked at Mister. I should have known the guests would be people who understood our lifestyle. I was still very conscious of my attire, and the fact that my bright red ass would be quite visible. It was so tender, I ended up standing most of the night, which the other couples also understood and appreciated. Mister explained that we were trying to go to the next level of Dominance and Submission. That he was pushing my limits, training me to give him more power. We, both of us, hoped that eventually, we could reach a Total Exchange of Power rather than the occassional exchange of power.

At the end of the evening, after our guests had left, Mister told me to go take my dress off and lie, face down on the bed. I felt a moment of fear, thinking that he’d spank me again and I wasn’t sure I could take another round. Nonetheless, I did as he ordered. When he came in, he played with the plug a bit, whispering how proud he was of me tonight. How happy I’d made him. How he’d loved how I’d jumped a bit every time he ran his hand over the welts on my ass. How he could smell my musk every time he so much as looked at me. His cock had replaced the plug and I was moaning. He ran his hands again over the cane marks. A gush of pleasure spilled from me. Slowly, deeply he fucked me. Taking his time, making sure I orgasmed often. Finally, I was pleading, begging for mercy for my exhausted body. Only then did he spill his seed deep within my body.

Today, I still prefer standing to sitting, but I’m one step closer to being able to give Mister TPE. He has, indeed, pushed me to a new level.


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