Testing her

“Are you comfortable?”
“Physically or mentally?”
Physically yes, mentally no.
“Do you plan on disobeying or refusing?”
“Why not?”
Because you request this of me and I want to please you.
“Even if you are embarrassed by the situation?”
Because my embarrassment will not harm me but this act will please you.

He smiled and i knew i was right. i hate this. i truly hate this. i am humiliated and terrified even though i know everything will turn out just fine. Still, He has never asked me to appear in public like this. True, i will know no one since i will be covered. Still, i’ve never had my pussy completely bare before, but He has ordered me to shave and so i did.
He has ordered no underclothing, and so it shall be.
He has ordered that instead of panties, i will have rope tied to remind me of my allegiance to Him, and so i stand still as he adjusts the cotton rope which will serve as both my reminder and my lingerie for the day.Image result for sexy black buisness suit woman

I dress. Professionally. i put on my black suit skirt and jacket. i button the jacket and add a scarf in the interest of modesty since i am allowed no blouse or bra beneath. He sees this and frowns, so i take it off. The rope presses against the bud between my petals and i almost orgasm, but don’t. He owns these and will tell me when i can cum. He sees my struggle and smiles. He pats my bottom and i sigh with pleasure.

Yes, Sir.

He helps me into the car and we drive to work. i am his personal assistant as well as his pet. i serve Him in any way he desires. Today, however, will be a challenge. He has a meeting with other professors to discuss testing procedures and i will be required to take notes, serve refreshments and hand out documents all while feeling His rope around me. May i pass this test!
If i pass, He will reward me with unlimited orgasms for a week. If i fail, He will punish me with no orgasm for a week.


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