Bossing the Boss – 2

Oh jeeeez.: After his first lust had been satisfied, Evan had me sit on a chair, spread my legs wide, and return my attentions. He licked, nipped my clit, plunged his tongue deep inside of me until I was screaming my release just a quickly and violently as he had. Luckily, Evan enjoys my orgasms, so he never limits them. Finally, I was begging him for mercy. Only then did he suck the cherry out of my pussy, sit back on his heels and grin at me while he munched away, a happy, satisfied smile on his face.

“Now, your pussy is empty, though,” he said. I sat up straighter. Evan likes to have “theme” weekends. Once, he ignored my entire body – except for my boobs. The entire weekend he spent tweaking, fucking, coming on, massaging, sucking, and licking them. I looked at him, silent. He reached into his jacket pocked (he was still clothed???) and pulled out two medium sized ben wah balls. I groaned and fell back against the back of the chair. Laughing, he pushed them deep into my very wet pussy.

“Until we return to the office, Georgia, something will be in your pussy. My cock. Maybe some else’s cock. more cherries, an ice cube, these, or anything else I decide to put in there. Constantly. Understand?”

“Yes” I murmured. Torture. Sheer, erotic, wonderful, awful, torture.

“Oh, and if anything I put in there falls out or comes out without permission, you’ll pay.”

I closed my eyes. He was serious. Two full days of being – well – full.

I opened my eyes and said, “Of course, sir.”

“Good. Undress me.”

I did so, carefully hanging up his clothing so they wouldn’t wrinkle. Every movement I made caused those delightfully evil little balls inside of me to wiggle and jiggle. My thighs glistened with wetness. Soon enough I was on the bed, belly down. Evan, using his fingers, gather my own lubrication and spread it from one opening to another, working his ftumblr_o6yy9fmfyi1urz824o1_500ingers into my anus, stretching me. I came twice. Then, his cock, hard again, was pressing against me. He entered, slowly, allowing my body time to adjust, until he was balls deep. Then he began to fuck me. Purposefully. He’d already come once, so he was no hurry now. With each stroke I felt both his cock in my ass and the balls in my pussy. “Evan! Oh God!” I cried out. He nipped my neck and whispered, “You like your pussy full, don’t you.” I moaned. And Came. Again. Evan laughed and fucked me faster. Harder. Minutes passed – or hours – and he kept fucking me. My back hole would be tender, but I didn’t care. I wanted this. I needed this. He buried himself in me as deeply as he could go, then he let go, filling me with his cum. I trembled, called his name, and exploded into a thousand pieces. After, he rolled to his side and held me. I must have slept for a while because when I opened my eyes again, the room was illuminated only by the moonlight streaming in through the window. Evan was sitting in a chair, fully dressed, watching me. I smiled at him and he stood, held out his hand, and told me to put my dress and shoes on, we were going down to the bar. When I sat up I felt something slide inside of me. Then, when I stood, I felt it roll. My eyes widened and Evan’s narrowed. He glanced down at the bed and, sure enough, there lay the golden balls.

“Well, looks like before you put that dress on, I need to take care of something.”


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