Called My Bluff

This is my fault, I admit it. I brought this on myself. You see, I bed Sir that he would tire of me before I tired of him. I truly believed that he would run out of things to do to my body or that he would want to move on to one of his other women. I was totally and completely wrong. I also, inadvisedly, laughed when he said he could keep my puss so full for so long that I would beg for mercy. So here I am, begging for mercy from his continuous attentions. He, however, never gives quarter. Never. And so, I will suffer until his pleasure in my suffering is complete. During the last 4 days, Sir has kept my puss full at all times and, has kept my anus and mouth full much of the time. My body is so tuned to his touch now, a simple finger beneath my chin is enough to have me weeping and on the verge of orgasm. To begin, I offered him my mouth, which he eagerly accepted. I massaged his balls and gently pressed a finger along his perineum. Within moments he shot his load down my throat. That, I assumed, would be all he’d want for a few hours. I was wrong. He commanded me to remove my clothing, then he and locked it all away. I have no choice but to remain nude. Never would I consider disobeying a direct command. He then fingered my wet pussy until I came, then he used his mouth. After I came several more times, he was very hard again, and so he fucked me. Deep, hard, fast. He came. Then, he pushed in two steel ben wah balls. I gasped at their coldness and size, but he smiled and told me that he planned to keep me full until further notice. This was when I realized my mistake. Sir was nothing if not patient. He wgreetingsould not back down from my challenge, nor would he allow me to back down. He grinned when I finally understood my situation. Over the past 4 days at least one of my holes has always been filled. When he allows my pussy a short rest, he plugs my anus. When he frees that, I am gagged. When my mouth is open, he uses ginger to fig my anus until my face is as wet as my pussy. I even sleep with a plug in my anus or a dildo in my pussy, locked in place so it won’t slip out.

A short time ago, he fucked me, bending me over a chair so that he could gain maximum penetration. This last time I cried, begged for mercy, told him I couldn’t take any more. I was too sore to walk straight! After he came in me, he sighed and whispered. “After only four days you beg surrender. Very well. Choose. I will give a full day’s rest to one of your holes. Choose wisely, because the other two will be well used.” I closed my eyes, and thought. “My pussy. Please sir. Allow my pussy a day’s rest.” He rubbed my back gently, massaging my stiff musclImage result for anal plug roundes. He leaned over me, kissed my neck and said, “As you wish my love. Now. Don’t move.” He’s back in a moment, easing lube into my back hole. I feel a hard roundness pressing against me and I whimper. The ball. A solid glass ball. I sob, but I’ve made my choice and Sir wil hold me to it. He presses it in, slowly, carefully, until it is fully seat. I am uncomfortably full, but not in pain. He the sits down to watch the news, pulls me over his lap. I am boneless now. My will is his. He explains that he agrees I need a break, so while he watches the news for the next hour he will not force me to orgasm again. I can relax. I babble my thanks. Then, he points out that it has been four days since I’ve had a good spanking. So, I  will be spanked during ever story which involves politics or crime. And so, here I lie, exhausted, tender, and now red bottom and aching for release. I have already admitted I have lost my bet and my folly. I have begged for mercy and forgiveness. Sir, for his part, has graciously accepted my defeat, but had denied me mercy. Three more days, he had decided. Only after I have been kept naked, filled with his cum, and plugged in one hole or another for a full week will he grant me mercy. Yes, Sir is strict, but he know exactly what i need.

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