His right

When He wants me, He takes me. It is his right. Not his god-given right, but the Woman given right! I gave him this right, this duty, really. It took a few months of convincing, but eventually, I did. I convinced him that I wanted to be his equal in all things mundane, but his subordinate in all things sexual. I desired nothing more than to touched, used, wanted by him. I too will initiate – after all it’s not fair to expect him to do all the work – but, for the most part, I am his and will never, never say no when he wants me. This morning, for example, I was in the middle of making coffee when he came up behind me, his hands warm, strong, sensuous. The coffee was immediately forgotten. Within moments I found my ass on the counter, my legs splay, and my favorite cock buried deep inside of my wet, eager body. After, we kissed, I finished the coffee, and we sat on the back porch sipping the hot brew with smiles on our faces.

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