Birthday Blistering

Sir loves numbers. And so, for my birthday, he based his “gift” on numbers.  Today I turned 45. 4+5=9. So, the rope he bound me with had 9 knots. Once he had that in place, helped me to knee and bend, my shoulders and head resting on a low occover a tableasional table. He told to me and assured me that I would enjoy the day (duh!) and that he had all kinds of things planned. As he spoke, he was lubbing up my bottom and totally ignoring my pussy, which was dripping with anticipation. He pointed this out, and lauImage result for 9 anal beadsghed, assuring me that all of my holes would be completely satisfied before day’s end. Speaking of end, he had decided that since this is the 9th month, I’d keep one gift inside of my anus for a while – 9 anal beads. I whimpered, both excited and horrified. Yes, I love when he uses my bum hole, but it also humiliates me as well. Besides, he had left me dressed, so I guessed (and rightly so) that we’d be going out in public. Once the beads were inserted, he gave me my first spanking of the day – yes, the first. He assured me that since today was the 8th that I’d receive 8 spankings, each with 45 strokes, throughout the day. By the time he finished I was weeping, begging him to fuck me. Laughing again, he complied. Thank the Goddess he complied! I came and came and came. His hands gripping my hips, his cock filling my pussy. Then, glory to all that’s good, he came inside of me. This, truly, is the best gift I could ask for – his cum inside of me!

After, he helped me stand, straightened his clothing, untied me, my skirt fell to my knees, then he took me shopping. We went to the hardware store, an imports store, a fancy cafe for lunch, a furniture store, and a cooking store. At each store, I picked out two items which he would use on me. I chose a yard stick, cotton rope, henna, a set of 6 beeswax taper candles in various colors, a rectangular storage ottoman, a silver bowl, a pizza peel, and large cherry wood spoon. Here’s how he used them.

  1.  Yardstick – spanking number 2
  2. Cotton Rope – harness
  3. henna – “tatooed” my breasts, torso, thighs, and ass with designs
  4. candles – decorated my body
  5. Ottoman – spanking bench for spanking number 4 (number 3 was his hand again)
  6. Silver bowl – filled with ice then ran the cubes over my nipples and clit
  7. Pizza peel – spanking number 5
  8. Spoon – spanking number 6

candleAs you may have noticed, I’m still in need of 2 additional spankings. My ass is sore as hell, my body marked, my pussy full of cum, and my ass full of beads. It’s now around 5 in the afternoon and Sir has assured me that the evening will be just as engaging as the day has been. The only thing that makes me sad – only having one birthday a year!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Blistering

  1. Had to pop in and wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope your evening is ‘filled’ with many fun and exciting things and Sir replaces the beads with his cum. Love this post and the sheer happiness it exudes. I sense you are in a very good place right now with him.


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