Birthday Recovery

So yesterday Sir lovingly gave me 360 swats neatly divided into 8 groups of 45. He used his hand, a pizza peel (Holy Shite!!), a yardstick, a new wooden spoon, and his belt (which he used with little force!) Today, sitting is, to say the least, challenging. He also did other deviant and wonderTucked away in an overlooked neighbourhood of East London, quieter and smaller than Shoreditch but with the potential to outshine Brick Lane, Exmouth Market: ful things to my body to celebrate my birthday. I can’t begin to remember the number of times I came, but I know how many he did – 4. That’s the number of years we’ve been together as Dom and sub. He gave me his cum once in every hole and once across my breasts. Seriously, what better gifts could I want!! Today, though, I’m sore and somewhat bruised all over, which is why Sir has given me a day (at least!) to recover. Today, is all about me in a very vanilla way. Yes, I’m still his sub, and yes, if he told me to bend over right here, right now, I would. Gladly.  No, today he took me out to a lovely garden style restaurant with – glory be – cushioned chairs. After lunch, we walked, talked, laughed. 16521711._SY540_

It was a perfect day out. Nonetheless, the tenderness of my bottom, that delicious ache between my legs – you know, that ache that reminds you that you’ve been well and truly fucked- my ridiculously sensitive nipples, all combined to make me a mass of needy nerve endings. That was why, when we finally got home, begged Sir for relieve. He said No. I was still too raw from yesterday and that I needed time to heal. But, he took pity on me. Yes, he had used me far too well yesterday, but that didn’t mean that HE was well used! Quickly, I stripped him of his clothing. In order to remind us both of my unavailablility, he had me remain clothed. Then, I worshipped his cock. I’m not sure about others, but I love attending to his cock with my mouth so much that I can orgasm just from this. And I did. Explosively. As did he. Which I gulped down greedily. Now, I’m much calmer, thank goodness. Tomorrow, I’m praying that he decides I’m healed enough to fuck me again. If not, though, I’m pretty sure he’ll still find a way to keep me satisfied.

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