Acts of Public Domination

Here are a few suggestions for the Dominate (I’m going to use the pronoun He for the dom and she for the sub) to reinforce his role while in public. (Private is a whole ‘nuther post!)

  1.  Be gracious to a fault
  2. Never criticize or argue with your sub
  3. Touch her often – the lower back, back of the neck, hand.
  4. Ask “Would you like me to order for us both?” but accept if she declines
  5. Text her often throughout the day so she knows you think of her.
  6. Smile at her often
  7. Hold doors open – because you can, not because she can’t
  8. Listen attentively when she speaks
  9. Follow her with your eyes in a passionate, not possessive way
  10. Kisstumblr_o4955yAVAr1trfqkjo1_540

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