Boho Chic for the Submissive

Boho is my style. I’m proud of it. I love the looseness, the comfort, and the totally “can be seen in public” aspect of it. Why is that last important? Because Mr. Mister and I are social people, bGypsy Boho Blouse -A vintage spin on a wardrobe fave, this gorgeous luxe-lace blouse can be paired with absolutely anything. The gently crinkled viscose is soft and light but perfect for the cooler mo: ut also private. Publicly, we are like any other couple. Privately, I’m a total sub junkie. I adore bending over for Mr. Mister’s hand, belt, cane, paddle, cock. I am giddy for his leash, collar, cuffs. I swoon for his cock in my hand, mouth, puss or bum. I’m not happy unless I’m at least a bit tender somewhere because of him. Because I wear the loose boho style so often, no one thinks it’s odd when I do. Like today.

Yesterday was a totally boob day per Mr. Mister’s orders. The day began with me giving Mr. Mister a fabulous blow job while he fingered me to orgasm. Just when he was about to cum, he pulled out of my mouth and annointed my breasts. Then, he rubbed the cream into my skin. I was not allowed to wash it off, so my skin was slightly stick. Perfect! I was also not allowed to wear a bra or a top of any kind all day (obviously I spent the day tumblr_o03gqkwCS81qlcyfro1_500indoors.). This allowed him to see, tweak, play with, or adorn my breasts and nipples whenever he chose – which was often. For example, when I was working on laundry, he ordered me to clip my nipples with clothespins. I’m more than will, eager in fact, for HIM to do as he will, but I am horrified when he orders ME to play with or add toys to myself. I’m not sure why, but it embarrasses me terribly – which he loves. Nonetheless, because he ordered it, I did it. Every move I made caused the clips to jiggle a bit and by the time I finished folding and putting away the laundary I had tears in my eyes – which he loved!  He took pity on me, sucked hard on my poor nips and pulled off the clips. I screamed in pain, but holy crap I felt wonderful!! He was so pleased he pushed me over the table, my bruised nipples pressed against the hard wood, flipped up my skirt, and fucked me. I’m both embarrassed and proud to admit that I came the moment his cock entered my wet, wet pussy!! Over the next few hours he pulled, squeezed and bit my nipples and breasts until my nipples were on fire and there were faint bruises on my breasts. He also fucked me two more times, coming in me both times!!! Of course, he gave me many, many orgasms than just 2. I lost count after 8.

Today, my breasts are so tender that I yelped when I tried to put on a bra. So now I’m running errands, cageless, with my nipples tender and hard as bullets, but also camouflaged because of the looseness of my blouse. Mr. Mister is so pleased, that he has warned me that we will be going out this weekend but that I will be very much aware of his domination over me every single minute. I don’t think I’ve ever been looking more forward to a weekend!

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