Tea Time Tradition

We have begun a new practice which, I hope, will become a tradition. Thursday has always been our Day of Recogning. You see, Milord and I do not live together, which suits us both. We chat daily, see each other several times a week, go on dates, stay at each other’s homes, but Thursday is our special day together. On this day, we go over what we have done during the week, Milord reads my journal, and together we decide where I need more encouragement. Yes, most couples would call this “maintenance” or “punishment”, but we do not. In the past, I have handed him my journal, he reads, then we discuss, encouragement is given, and we make love. Last week, however, I proposed an alternative which Milord agreed to. We have come to a point in our relationship where I need more. I need him to take more control, expect more from me, and I want to give more. I need to be held to higher expectations. I’ve become complacent, restless even. We both love order and tradition, ritual and rules. However, the rules and encouragements have become mundane. I need more.

Therefore, I presented my idea to Milord. I will be in position over a high stool when he arrives. He will read my journal and propose whatever encouragement he feels is fair. I shall either agree or offer an alternative with specific reasons. Ultimately, the decision will be his. Milord is creative with his encouragements and has tried all manner of techniques. The one I fear the most, the one that is sure to bring me to tears, the one that encourage me to most improve myself, however, is the cane. This, he has decidcane marked, will be the primary implement for Thursdays. The only matter which might be negotiated is the number of stripes he gives. I was terrified, humbled, and thrilled all at the same time. Last week, he decided on 6. I cringed, but had no good reason to argue for a lower number. Milord has a strong and accurate hand. No two strips landed in exactly the same spot, but all six elicited tears. Directly after the last stroke, he walked to the front of my stool, unzipped his trousers, and presented his cock for me to worship. I was to suck on him as a sign of my acceptance of his encouragement. He, in turn, will cum in my mouth as a sign of his love for me. (I absolutely adore when he cums in my mouth!) I will not be allowed orgasm on Thursdays, but instead will focus on my encouragement. Once this ritual has been completed, I will dress in a modest way, prepare an afternoon tea, and serve him. I will sit on the wooden chair without complaint. When we met Friday evening, I felt both humbled and hornier than I have in months! Rather than going out to a movie or something, we spent the evening making love, breaking only occasionally for refreshments. I didn’t leave his home until Sunday afternoon with that delightful feeling of soreness between my legs.

Last week we followed this ritual and, I must admit, I have behaved in a way which makes me happier this week. I have stuck to my diet of healthful foods, practiced yoga daily. I have kept up with my paperwork much better than usual, and have cleaned (which I HATE!) my apartment. The one item which I have asked to be held accountable for and have failed this week is the laundry. I am not looking forward to my encouragements this afternoon, but at the same time, I am. I can’t help but smile as I wait, nude and bent over my high stool, for Milord encourage me further.

2 thoughts on “Tea Time Tradition

  1. Another beautifully expressed writing of your submissive relationship and how it encourages you to meet your goals and desires. The tea ritual is emblematic of service and calm acceptance of however many stripes were given.

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