Feminist Sub

I am a feminist and a submissive. Yes, I believe that a woman has the right, no, the duty to make her own decisions based upon her desires, needs, and abilities. Yes, I bCoYr-f7XEAEqhaMelieve a woman’s voice is just as judicial as a man’s. Yes, I believe a woman must and should stand up for herself, be self supporting, and confident. Yes, I believe a woman’s decisions regarding her own life should be honored.

With this in mind, I ask the world to honor my decision to be a submissive woman. I am not placing myself lower in status that a man – anyone really. Nor am I placing myself above anyone. I am choosing to accept my man’s expectations of me because it makes me happy to do so. I am choosing to accept my man’s mark on me because it makes me proud to do so. I am choosing to kneel before the man I love, not because he demands it, but because he asks it. I am choosing to serve him because service is one of the many ways I show him the depths of my love and commitment to him.

Yes, I am a feminist, and as such, I use my power to become a submissive woman.

One thought on “Feminist Sub

  1. I do honor your feminist decision to submit to your man. I wrote here: https://lurvspanking.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/can-a-submissive-woman-still-be-called-a-feminist/ in 2009 about this very topic.

    “If a woman believes her body, her sexual responses and her mind all belong to her and is equal to a man, then she has the right to choose any activity she enjoys. If a feminist woman likes to be spanked, then why would it be wrong? Isn’t the whole point of female empowerment to be an open and eager acceptance of blatant sexual response?”

    It is indeed your choice and anyone who uses the feminist card to berate you for your willing submission doesn’t understand the concept of empowerment.


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