Chain ganged

J has finished her extended discipline session. We’re both happier. We’ve also decided that we need to incorporate more of the things she’s learned into our regular lives more often. As a giffdb14e32b22aee0ba8df9db40c3bf020t to her for overcoming her fear of chains, I’ve given her an anklet – anodized titanium. That baby’s not going to break, so I can use it as a cuff of sorts. She’s agree to wear it 24/7, taking it off only with permission or in case of emergency. It’s delicate and stylish, so no one but us will know it’s true meaning – that she is “chained” to me. Tonight, she’s going out with friends, but I’ve got a surprise for her. I asked her what she was planning on wearing and she should me a pretty, modest, navy blue dress. She has exquisite taste in cla4f9419783e9a2368fce85400c6ff898othing, so I rarely interfere with her choices. Just before she was ready to step out the door, though, I stopped her. I asked her to pull up her dress. Pink panties – lovely, but not what I wanted. I told her to take them off. She hesitated, but then did as I said. I told her I wanted to make sure she was safe, but also that she remember that she was chained to me – every. single. moment. My cock sprang to life when her eyes got big and a look of trepidation entered them. Then, I got the newest chain. I wrapped it around her waist and between her cheeks, forming a chasity/panty type of thing. I explained that I had originally planned to lock it – here (a snug fit, but comfortable enough), but because she hesitated, I was going to lock it – here ( a tight, slightly uncomfortable fit). She gasped and began to tremble. Then, I suggested she wear stocking since the evening might get chilly. “Yes, sir,” she answered and did so. Once she was ready, she kissed me goodbye and whispered, “I love you. Thank you for the chain.”

Now, that’s my J. Tonight when she gets home, I think we’ll celebrate her newfound love of chains.

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