Date Night – 5

I’ve done it. Taken everything like a good girl. I’m so filled with need now I can barely stand. Uncle unchains me, removes the chain from my teeth. He adjusts the ropes tumblr_nfylu3CRRP1s6bxfgo1_500on my writs and spreads them wide. I can’t stop myself from begging. Begging for him to fuck me, to let me come, I can’t stop trembling. I hear him laugh as he runs a hand across my skin. I arch my body, needing more of his touch. Then, Finally. He presses his cock. His glorious, wonderful cock full into me. I explode – as he knew I would. He spanks my ass as he fucks me. Deep in my mind, I know my bottom will probably be bruised and definitely be sore tomorrow, but I don’t care. I want more. If not for my bound arms and his strength, I’d never be able to stand. Deeper and deeper he plunges, fucking me without mercy and I come over and over again.

PLease, I beg. Please come. Please come. Please come.

“I will, girl. Just not yet.”

He pulls out and I scream denial. Then, he presses the crow of his cock against my anus. Normally, I hate this, but tonight, I want it. I want everything he does. I push my hips back against him. I hear him laugh as he presses all the way in. He grabs my hips and again fucks me without mercy, without gentleness, without consideration. I want none of these things. I want him. I want his brutality (which isn’t really brutal at all!) I know I could say one word and it would all stop, but I don’t want it to stop. He reaches around and pinches my nipples, twisting them. Then. Then I feel his heat. His sweet, glorious cum filling me. I join him and come again.

Later, he releases me from my bonds, drapes a blanket over me and carries me into the house. He kisses me, tucks covers around me, and asks if I’m okay.

“Yes, Uncle. I’m fine. Except. . .”


“Please, sir, before I sleep, could I please suck your cock one more time?”


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