Why I write what I write

Sorry folks, this is a personal ramble, not a story. People often ask me, though, why I write “porn” and honestly, I’m a bit offended by that. I don’t write “porn” any more than a mystery writer writes “death.” I write about a lifestyle that people either don’t understand but want to, do understand and love, think they understand but what to know more about, find entertaining. Seriously. My main goals are writing is entertainment first, information second. I’ve lived various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle for over 30 years. I have not ever been a 24/7 slave, nor will I. I just don’t have that kind of discipline. We don’t have a “playroom” in our home – no spare room for it. I don’t and will never have my nipples pierced. There’s a whole laundry list of other things that I write about but have never personally experienced. I have, however, researched it all, usually by talking to people who HAVE experienced it, reading other blogs, and reading articles on various topics. Could I write more mainstreamed romance – and in doing so probably make more money? Of course. But I like what I write. I like the edginess of it all. I like that it makes some people intrigued and others slightly uncomfortable. What I don’t like and never want, though is to offend anyone. That’s why I make sure there is always a warning on my books and websites. No judgement! Just, if you don’t like this type of story, don’t read it. I probably wouldn’t enjoy reading about the history of farm equipment. That doesn’t, however, mean that I would look down on someone who DOES enjoy it or who writes about. There’s a place for all kinds of reading and writing. BDSM romance just happens to be mine. So, if you like my little stories here, please check out my books at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

One thought on “Why I write what I write

  1. First of all, don’t apologize for writing about yourself and don’t justify why you write what you do. Every single thing ever written probably offended somebody. Keep doing what you enjoy and that’s writing. Remember, she thinks my tractor’s sexy. 🙂

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