Date Night – 4

I’m not sure how, but I was a good girl for Uncle. I cried and I wiggled, but I did not speak, nor did I turn around in a vain attempt to avoid his belt. He had been in no mood for mercy, so by bottom was on fire and, I had no doubt, was bright red, possibly even bruised. I didn’t mind a bit. All I cared about was that Uncle and again called me a “good girl.” Now, was time for my reward. He lowered my arms and walked me over to his work table, keeping my wrists bound. I was still blindfolded and leashed as well with the nipple clamp chain dangling from my mouth. He took this out and I was grateful. Then, he wrapped his belt around my mouth and told me I’d better bite on that. I opened my lips without hesitation. By now I was so far into subspace I would have obeyed any command.

He lifted me a bit so that I was on my toes and set me against his workbench so that the smooth wooden corner pressed against my clit. The, he pushed his cock into my anus. I cried out again, bit on the belt  and leaned forward. His cock filled me, it always does, and he fucked me hard, giving no time for my body to get used to this invasion. I didn’t want the time. I wanted him. I wanted his strength. I wanted his power. I wanted, more than anything, to come! He slapped my ass and continued to fuck me mercilessly. I couldn’t help it. I exploded into a million pieces, his voice scolding me for being so naughty. I heard crying and knew it was me, but I couldn’t stop. Then, he pushed in deeper, held himself inside of me. I heard him panting, felt the hot spurts of his pleasure inside of me. He leaned on me, panting, satiated. He kissed my neck and brushed my hair out of my face. I smiled, pleased, warm, protected. Then he said something that made me shiver.

“You know I’m going to have to punish you for coming without permission.”

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