Submitting to Milord – Final

Yesterday was our final day at our retreat. Today, it’s back to reality, but with a whole different perspective. First, I still wear the chastity belt – with both plugs in it – beneath my clothing. Milord has promised that when he returns to work he will remove the plugs. Second, I now wear a beautiful silver and gold bracelet which is locked onto my wrist. It has the same key as the chastity belt which Milord wears around his neck. He has given me a spare key to wear as well, with the understanding that I will use it only in case of emergency. After all, what he puts in or on me remains until he decides to remove it. Over the last two weeks I have been fucked multiple times in every orifice every day. I have been leashed, belted, cuffed, or roped daily. I have swallowed Milord’s blessed cum every day. I have walked naked in both sunlight and darkness. I have been spanked by his hand, his belt, willow branches, and a wooden paddle. I have been flogged. I have been plugged in every opening. I have been denied clothing. I have begged to engage in bodily functions. My nipples have been bitten, clamped, waxed, and pricked. I have never felt so beautiful or strong.

Lessons Learned:  I am stronger and more capable than I thought.

I trust Milord to care for me, protect me, respect me, love me.

I am happiest when I give my power over to Milord.

I am fulfilled by acts of service.

Milord will always act in my best interest.

Milord will push my boundaries but never break them.

Milord is deserving of my love, respect, and trust.

Being Milord’s submissive is rather like a rose. Some days are as soft and sweet as the petals, but others are as rough and punishing as thorns. Together, they make the perfect combination.

roses and lips

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