Submitting to Milord – 1

I can here willingly. I am not afraid do be here, I do not feel subjugated. I am certainly no captive. Nonetheless, I am bound. In one watumblr_mphj3uhRJ21relrdqo1_1280y or another I will remain bound in some physical way as a reminder of my psychological binding to Milord. You see, I was beginning to become too bratty for everyone’s comfort and this two week retreat is designed to decide if I want to be free of my binding or to embrace them. I don’t need two weeks to decide. I will embrace them because I love Milord and he loves me. But oh how I need these two weeks, as does he. We need the isolation to focus on ourselves and each other. We’re beginning simply. A long, very long rope tied around my ankle. Yes, it is rather like a leash, but I can, at any time, easily free myself from this leash. We have one hard and fast rule for these two weeks. What Milord puts on, around, or in me stays there until either He decides differently or I use my safe word. Aside from that, we follow only the general rules of cohabitation. We are mannerly and respect of each other, we are happy when the other is also happy, and we each do our part. For example, I’m a terrible cook, so Milord takes care of that and I do the cleaning. Oh – and one more rule. I cannot say “No” to Milord unless I have a very good reason. Then, I must explain that reason and he will decided whether or not to honor it – unless I use my safeword, of course. I’ve just finished cleaning up after a simple dinner of soup and bread. Milord is taking a quick nap and so I decided to walk on the beach. Yes, I am still leashed to the house. No, I will not remove the leash. I sit on a pile of stones and contemplate what I want from life. I think of what my life would be like without Milord and begin to tremble, then cry. I stand, face the door of the beach cottage, and there he is, leaning against the door frame, smiling, and waiting for me. He doesn’t move, but rather waits for me to walk to him. Then, he holds out his arm, kisses me, and asks if I’m ready to leave. I smile up at him and answer, “No. No, in fact I’ve decided something else entirely.” I drop to my knees. “If it please you, Milord, I insist we stick to our plan. Remain here for at least two weeks. Each day you will bind me, test me, train me, and push me, thereby helping me to become more at ease in my role as your submissive.”

“Are you positive you want this? Because if you don’t, I’m cool with that that, but after tonight, there will be no turning back.”

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

He doesn’t answer, just smiles broadly. He unzips his jeans and I sigh. I’m not very good at sucking his cock and I can’t say that I enjoy it overly, probably because I know I’m inept. Nonetheless, if I really want to do this, I will obey his simple request. I tip back my head and open my mouth. His wide cock fills the opening and I almost gag already. I look up at him and he smiles down at me, encouraging me. With effort, I relax and am able to take more of him. Then, I close my lips around him. He moans and I know I’m improving. He does all the work, slowly fucking my mouth, going deeper and deeper with each slow thrust. I reach up to massage his balls, and he praises me. Suddenly, I taste his sweetness. I tense, terrified that he’s going to go too deep and I’ll gag. I should have trusted him. He pulls out, stroking his massive cock. I keep my mouth open and my hands on his now tight, hard balls. Then he shoots. His sweet cream flying over my face and into my mouth. When he finishes, he rubs the cum that is still on my face into my skin. Eagerly, I suck each of his fingers.

“Good girl,” he praises me. “I’m so proud of you. Tomorrow, I’ll shorten your leash.”

“Yes, Milord.”

“And no clothing inside of the cottage.”

I look up at him, and nod.

“Yes, Milord.

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