Submitting to Milord – 4

Today was a true test to my self discipline. Milord first fitted me with leather cuffs, then he took me for a walk. As I’ve mentioned before, I hate being out of the house while I’m nude even thought the chances of anyone seeing me here is remote especially once we leave the shoreline and go into the woocuffed wristded area as we did today. Nonetheless, I’m humiliated. This time, however, I follow without hesitation despite my humiliated. We own this property, there are no roads within site of the house, and I am not harmed in any way.  As we walk, Milord praises my willingness to obey and I glow with pride. I really have come a long way in trusting his judgement over the past week. We get to a small grassy knoll ringed by willow trees, wild rose bushes, daisies, day lilies, and blackberry bushes. He too strips off his clothing and then lies on the soft grass. I climb on top of him and we make love. I can never last long on top and I come almost immediately (and without permission). Milord has a good grip on my hips and tells me to keep riding him. Within moments, he also comes. I climb off of him then use my mouth (as per his rule) to clean every bit of cum from his beautiful cock. When I finish, I sit back on my heels. He sits up, kisses me, then says, “You know you’re going to punished for coming without permission.”

He takes me to the edge of the knoll and clips the leather cuffs behind my back. He has positioned me so that a branch of one of the rose bushes is mere centimeters from my nipple. He then softly kicks my feet apart until my legs are at a V.

“Look at those thorns. If you move forward just a fraction those beautiful, tender nipples will be pricked. I suggest you control yourself and stay put.”

Moments later fire lashed across my calves. He’d cut a branch from a willow tree, stripped it, and was not lashing me with it. I squealed and leaned forward. Immediately, I cried out again as the thorn pressed against my skin. I began to cry, understanding the true depths of this punishment. Four more times he lashed me – two on my calves and two on my upper thighs. On the last lash I again jumped forward, this time impaling a nipple with a sharp thorn. One drop of blood bubbled to the surface. 3a13233f1a2c9d033f827643f2596f8b

“Now that’s a shame. I was only going to give you five, but since you moved, I think you deserve two more. I won’t stop until you learn to control yourself.”

I bit my lip and willed myself to obey. Twice he lashed me, this time across my ass. Luckily, I was able to control myself. He kissed me then, and told me what a good girl I was. Then, keeping my hands bound behind my back, we walked back to the house.

Lesson Learned: All my orgasms belong to Milord.

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