Submissive Boss

at workCliche’ as it is, my Dom and I work together in the same office. However, I’m the boss and he’s my assistant – professionally speaking that is. Privately, sexually, He is certainly my boss. He prefers matching lingerie, so that’s all I wear beneath my ever so professional suits. He despises pantyhose, so I wear either thigh highs, or stockings and garters. Luckily, we both prefer mid-sized heels for work, so again, that is what I wear. Each morning when I arrive (he’s there 1/2 and hour before me and has the coffee brewed as well as my calendar updated and files I will need for the day on my desk) we go over the daily briefing first. Then, he checks me. He checks to make sure I’m dressed to his liking, which means I usually must strip out of my suit. If I meet with his approval, which I usually do, I’m rewarded by sucking his perfect cock until he comes down my throat. If something is amiss, he bends me over my desk, spanks me, then fucks my ass. Afterwards, I must correct the mistake. Once this morning routine has been observed, it’s back to business – until lunch.

Jacob either brings a lunch for us or orders in – either way we always eat in my office at the conference table.  Before eating, though, Jacob again reminds me that I have given him power over my body. Yesterday I wore slacks, something I am not forbidden to do, but that he doesn’t particularly like. As a result, he had me drop my trousers to my ankles and bend over the table. He lubbed up my ass and inserted a small, egg shaped plug. He told me that I was to keep it in until our end of day briefing. I nodded, accepting this, even though I don’t like it. I get so very, very wet an horny whenever he keeps mpants pluge plugged which makes it difficult to concentrate. On the other hand, I love it because it’s a constant reminder of HIM.  Then, he fucked me. Oh lord did he fuck me! It had been two days since his cock had been inside of my pussy. I came immediately, and without permission, which amused him greatly! Still, it was without permission, so as he fucked, he slapped my ass, which made me come even more. I was on the verge of collapse when he finally shot his beauty into me. Slowly, he pulled out, adjusted his own trousers, and helped me with mine. Then, we sat down (me quite gingerly) to lunch.

At the end of the day we have another briefing where first we go over anything work related and review the next day’s schedule. Then, we get personal again. Because he had plugged me yesterday, he had me strip and bend over my own desk – which adds just a touch of humiliation to everything. He spread my legs wide, then knelt between the V. He reminded me NOT to come without permission. If I did, he promised a spanking that I would remember for the next few hours. Then, he ran his tongue from my clit to the pretty plug. I moaned. How would I ever survive. He plunged that clever tongue in and out of my dripping cunt, sucked my clit, then nipped it gently. That did it, I came. Came hard. I actually squirted!!! He pulled back, laughed, and again warned me not to move out of position. I lay across my desk, totally open and drained. I don’t think I could have moved even if I had wanted to. Then, the first smack. I about jumped out of my skin, but managed by sheer determination, to stay in position. Being spread so wide meant that not only did he smack my cheeks, he also had full access to my now drenched and super sensitive pussy, which he also spanked. Soon, I was crying, and begging to be allowed to come again. He (thank god!) granted this, telling me I could come as much as I wanted while being spanked and pussy whipped. Sometime during this, he pulled the plug out and I came again. When my entire bottom area felt like it would burst into flames, he stopped. He rubbed my back and bottom for a few minutes until I had calmed, the allowed me to get dressed. He kissed me, and sent me home, telling me he had a few things to finish up here at the office, but when he arrived home, he expected me to have dinner on the table and to be wearing nothing but an apron. Some days,  I’m the luckiest woman in the world.over the desk work


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