I Am Submissive

I am Submissive. I am not abused, nor have I ever been. I am not deranged, depressed, or have any other mental disabilities. I had a perfectly lovely childhood, a normal teenagehood and a successful adulthood. Part of that success has come from not giving a flying rat’s ass about what the world thinks of me as regards to my private life. I am not subjugated, I am submissive – by choice.

I find no greater pride and pleasure than giving pleasure to the man I love, the man whom I have granted the right to command me in all things sexual and some things not. I am the one who came up with our Rules of Conduct and he was the one to adjust them. He was the one who came up with our Acceptable forms of Discipline and I saw no need to adjust them, even though he would have happily accepted any that I saw fit. I am the one who insists on strict enforcement of these Rules. I set the hard limits which he has always respected.

I am Submissive and I am proud of that. I am Proud that He can simply give me THAT look and I know to lower my eyes and my nipples harden. I am Proud that I can achieve orgasm from sucking His cock, lying over His lap and being spanked, or staying still while He tightens the clamps He has placed on my nipples. I am Proud that I can accept His cock, despite its size, in any orifice of my body at anytime he chooses. I am Proud to have His cum inside my body – my ass, my pussy, my mouth – or on my body if that is His choice.

I am not just a Submissive, I am His Submissive.ginger braid

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