The Maestro

music tatI am often anxious, unproductive, angry. Maestro knows this. He also knows that while I live to serve him, I cannot live without creating music. He knows I need his help in order to create. He and I, we do not have a sexual relationship, per se, although he does sexually dominate me at times. He has been my Dominator for years now. He too is a composer, but far more disciplined than I. He recognized my frustration early on and suggested a way to relieve it. I agreed, willingly. For our first session, he came armed with a violin bow (which he didn’t care to use on his violin). He tied me to a chair, placed the chair in front of my piano and “played” my pussy with his bow every time I stopped playing the piano. After 30 minutes I was begging for relief, promising I’d finish my composition, but he kept me in place. After an hour, my body swayed to his rhythm and my hands danced over the keys. Only then did he release me. The next day he came and told me he wanted to commemorate our new relationship. I had already confessed that I wanted to get a large tattoo on my back, but couldn’t decide what. He brought a friend of his, a tattoo artist. I quickly agreed to let the Maestro choose my tattoo. As the artist worked, Maestro explained that for each session together in which I accomplished my goals, he would add to the tattoo. For this first one, my back would be marked with the first row of staff lines. I sighed, content.

So far, Maestro has helped me create quite a large number of new compositions.

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