Lesson in Humility – 3 (Final)

Today was my third day of confinement in the Room and forced nudity. Tomorrow, I will be given free roaming of the house and one article of clothing of Mister’s choice (I’m hoping for a dress!). Today, though, I still must endure correction for overspending and then lying about it. On day one, he used my bladder to remind me that I can control some things, but not others. That was the worst! I actually peed on the lovely hardwood floors while bound to the wall and then had to clean it up. Nonetheless, I understand what he was teaching me – I can control some things, but not others.

Day 2 arrived and he combined ginger in my anus and vagina with cunnlingus until I couldn’t stand any longer. Then, once the ginger was loosing potency, he put a dab of wasabi on my clit and fucked my ass. I think I came for 30 minutes straight!! Lesson Learned – Somethings I can control, other things HE controls.

Day 3 – He has promised to use my cunt as a means to reinforce his lesson. I’m here on the bed again, my arms above my head and attached to the headboard. My ankles are loose. In this way, Mistumblr_nm7iycOvMt1rfbq7do1_500ter can turn me over if he so desires. He comes in and puts a blindfold on me.

“Who do you belong to?”

You, Sir

“Whose cunt is this?” He gives it a hard, good slap and I yelp

You, Sir.

“Who has use of it?”

You, Sir

“And I can give it to whomever I choose, right?”

I hesitate. I hate when he lends me out, but I also love it. I have given him the power to do this. It makes me feel objectified and proud all at the same time.

Yes, Sir

And so the day began. First, Mister fucked me, allowed me to come, and then he too came – all over my belly and breasts. Then, He turned me over, my hips up on pillows. He whispered that he would be in the Room at all times, but that I was going to be fucked and played with by men he had chosen. I was not to say a word (other than my safeword). I wasn’t to see or speak. The first came in, and I was grateful (although not surprised) to feel his condom cover cock enter me. He was a big man, heavy, and he grunted as he fucked me. He came quickly. When I heard the door close, and Mister thank the man, I sobbed. I wanted to ask how many? I wanted to beg forgiveness, I wanted to beg Mister to fuck me again, but he had denied me my voice. Once again, he turned me over. Apparently, I was like a chicken on a spit. For each man, I’d be flipped over.

Four. Four men fucked me. My blindfold was wet with tears – almost as wet as my thighs and cunt were!

“Tender yet?” Mister asked.

Yes, sir.

“Good. I’m going to fuck you once more. That’s your halfway point. Can you handle it?”


Yes, sir.

“And what will you have learned?”

That I have given you control over my body. I can take that control back if I choose, but I don’t want it. I want you to control it.

“That’s my girl. Tomorrow, you can wear a dress.”



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