Humility on the Hike

Let’s go for a hike, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. Okay, so maybe it was fun, but not exactly how I thought. We head out to our favorite hiking spot and off we go, hand in hand. Then, he stops and tells me he’s going to hook a leash around my waist chain (I hate things around my neck). I balk at this because – well – it’s humiliating. Never mind the fact that we actually own this property and no one but us is around. Still, I HATE the idea of a leash and he knows this. He asks if i want to add being leashed onto my list of hard limits. I think about this and say No. After all, it won’t hurt me in the slightest, it’s just humiliating. He smiles (he KNEW I’d say no!) and tells me to raise my loose blouse so he can attach it to my chain.  Reluctantly, I do as he says, but I’m complaining the whole time. Finally, he’s had enough. He tugs on the leash and tells me to get on all fours. I was grateful we were on grass and not in the woods! Still, we’re out in the open and this further humiliates me. He’s got that tone of voice, though, and I know better than to disobey. He flips my skirt up (at least I didn’t break one of our Summer Rules!) and begins. He’s not gentle – not in the slightest, but at least he’s using his hand and not a switch! The whole time he’s spanking, he’s not saying a word. I hate this as well. If he’s scolding me, at least I know exactly what I’ve done and can concentrate on his words. When he remains silent my mind goes every which way. I’m certain he’s spanking me because of my earlier reluctance, but n12728774_10208702155779455_146170209748646751_now I’m wondering if it’s something more. Did I say something disrespectful? Does he just want my ass red? Finally, he stops. I’ve got tears in my eyes at this point. He pulls back on the leash a bit and says “Heel.” I sit on my heels and look up at him. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his hard, fat cock. I open my mouth and take it, keeping my eyes on him. I want so badly to touch him, but he hasn’t given me permission.

“There now. No more arguing. If I say you’re going to wear a leash, you are.”

I nod. He fucks my mouth, pushing deep enough for me to gag. He stays there – deep – until my throat relaxes, then he pushes a bit farther in. He slow fucks my mouth and I feel him get even bigger. He pushes again. Deep. Hard. I feel hot scream shooting down my throat. When he finishes, he pulls out, tucks himself back in and helps me stand. He takes hold of the leash and we walk on, me a step behind him.

I still hate the leash, but for some reason, the spanking settled me and I’m content to be lead by Mister.

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