Lesson in Humility – 2

Day 2

As promised, Mister again reinforced his lesson of what I can control and what I can’t. Yesterday, he promised to use my intestines as a means to teach that lesson and I was, no doubt, terrified! (Did I mention Mister has a way with words, a way which can elicit the exact response he wants?) Today after breakfast, he sent me to the Room. He put attached a spreader bar to my ankle cuffs and attached my wrist cuffs to the footboard of the bed. I was bent over, my bottom wide open. I was sobbing already, terrified of what was to come. Then, I felt something very, very cold go into my anus. I also smelled something very, very spicy. Ginger. I continued to sob, partially from relief! He wasn’t really going to fill my intestines and then sit and watch as my body eliminated! No, he was going to torture me with sweet heat. His finger ran down my slit and I cringed, again embarrassed but this time by how wet I was. The heat of the ginger was beginning to penetrate my tissue and I started to squirm. That was when i felt a similar cold, hard item being pushed into my pussy!ginger

“No! Please, that’s going to burn so much!”

“Is that your safe word?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then remain silent.”

I bit my lip and did so. The heat was intense. Yes, I know it won’t really harm me, but holy hell it hurts now!! He’s figged my anus before, but never my cunt. Then, he’s sitting on the floor beneath me. He licks my labia, sucks on my clit, bites it just a bit. I explode as the orgasm from hell washes over me again and again. His hand is holding in the devices of sweet torture so my body cannot expel them. He ignores my orgasm and continues to lick and tweak and touch. By the time the burn begins to dissipate (about 20 minutes or so), I can barely stand. I’m sobbing and sobbing, my body a mass of trembling nerves. He stands, unhooks me and lifts me to the bed. Then, he removes the plugs.

“What have you learned?”

“That you have greater control of me than I have of myself.”

“Exactly. And is that to your liking?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. We aren’t finished. Turn over and put your hips up on the pillows.”

I do. I’m too exhausted to protest – even if I wanted to. He pressed his hard cock against my anus. I knew from the feel that he had liberally applied lubrication. Then, he reached around my hips and pinched my clit. Now, I screamed. It BURNED like nothing before had Burned. As I screamed, he pushed in, filling me completely. He continued to fuck me, my clit on fire. I thrashed acomfortbout, crying, screaming, coming uncontrollably. I begged him for mercy. To allow me rest, relief, but no. He was in control and this was my lesson. I quieted and absorbed the pain, the pleasure, the rolling orgasms. I was till crying, gasping, but no longer fighting. Then, then he gave one might push and came, shooting his sweetness into my body. Afterwards, he held me, comforting me as I wept.


“Trust me, my love?”



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