Wedding Day “blues”

Here’s the prompt.  Here’s the picture. patting down the bride

The idea was to write a 500 word story based on the pic, so, here it goes.

“I did what you said. Really, I did!” Sharon whimpered.

“I’m sure you did, but I want to make sure. After all, your mother has a strong influence on you still, at least for another hour anyway, and I want to make sure you are following my expectations for our wedding day,” David said.

“Now, just put your hands on the wall and spread your legs.”

“Oh god,” Sharon whimpered. “Okay, I didn’t do what you said. Mom thought it would be scandalous not to wear panties in church, so I put on a pair of lacy sky blue bikinis. Please, David, don’t make me take them off. If you do I won’t have anything blue on my wedding day.”

David pulled back a moment, thought, looked as his humble, slightly frightened almost wife. A grin spread across his face as he thought of the perfect solution. Sharon had agreed to become his wife – a traditional wife – and to obey his word as head of the household. He couldn’t let her get by with defying him on their fist day of marital bliss. His first rule, he explained to her, was that he wanted nothing between her legs from the time of their wedding until the end of their honeymoon except him. No pants, shorts, and certainly no panties. If he let her get away with breaking this first rule, she’d never take him or any other rules he established seriously.

He reached beneath her dress and pulled off the panties. Being lace, they easily ripped apart in his strong hands. Sharon whimpered and David’s heart contracted a bit, but he needed to stay strong.

“Hold your dress up above your waist, Sharon. Not only do you need to be punished for disobeying me, you need something blue. I think I’ll take care of both problems at the same time,” he told her.

“Oh god, David. No. Please. I’m sorry. The guest are starting to arrive, what if someone hers or walks around the corner?”

“That’s something you should have thought of earlier. Now. Prepare yourself.”

After twenty firm swats to each cheek, Sharon was quietly sobbing and her bottom a bright red. David considered and decided that if he was really going to make an impression on her and give her the blue she so wanted, he’d have to use something other than his hand.

“Stay there. Don’t move.”

Humbled, Sharon murmured “Yes, sir.”

David went to the willow Tree next to the graveyard and, pulling out his pocket knife, cut a whippy branch. Carefully he cleaned it and then finished the job he had begun.

Sharon glided down the aisle to her future husband, a big smile on her face. When the minister asked if she promised to “Obey her husband in all things” she answered emphatically.

“Yes. Always.”



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