My Bad

In public we have guidelines, but at home we have rules. Too bad I sometimes get that mixed up. Guideline in public: wear attractive, comfortable, appropriate clothing.  Rule for home:  wear attractive, appropriate clothing.   Notice the absence of the word “comfortable”. I have two closets, you see. One for regular clothes, and one for “abiting lipt home or upon direct order” clothes. Today I was off and Lawrence was at work, so I went ahead and up on a pair of yoga pants and an over sized t. My Bad!


Lawrence shows up at home around 2:30 in the afternoon, having decided to knock off early and surprise me.   When he saw me, he said nothing – just looked pointedly at first my outfit then the “spanking chair.” I hung my head and assumed the position after dropping my pants to the ground. I ALWAYS am spanked bare assed when it’s a correction. since thove chair vintageis is the second time in a month that he has caught me in the house wearing in appropriate clothes, I knew I was in for it. After five minutes of hard, no warm up, you-should-know-better-young-lady spanks, I was a blubbering mess. Still, Lawrence showed no mercy. He never does, nor do I want him to! Once I even broke position and reached back with my hand. This earned me an additional five minutes. By the time he finished, fifteen minutes had gone by and I was a boneless mass of regret. But was he finished? Not on your life! He ordered me to the bed and to assume the frog position. I quickly did as he said, getting rid of all of my clothes. I wanted to rub my bottom, but knew that he would be disappointed if I did, so I stopped myself. I’d done enough to disappoint him today. I heard him shuffling about the room, removing his clothes, scolding me. I continued to weep, knowing I had broken a very simple rulebrown hair. Honestly, one of the simple jersey dresses I’m allowed to wear in the house is just as comfortable. What the hell had I been thinking? The bed shifted and he entered me. Hard. Fast. Again, no mercy. This was for HIS pleasure, not mine (although we both know exactly how much I love being used like this!) He fucked me deep, pounding into my body. I closed my eyes and clutched at the sheets. I wanted to come SO FUCKING BAD but knew I had to wait until he gave permission.

No talking for the rest of the day, he grunted in between thrusts.

well fuck! No i can’t even beg for permission!

No more clothes today or tomorrow.

fine. whatever you say. just give me your pleasure!!

Total Submission.

Fuck! I’d have to be totally at his mercy. Was that “Fuck!” from frustration or joy? 

Now. Now you may come!

And so I did,
screaming, crying,
I came all over his hard, forceful dick. He pulled out, spraying his heat across my seared ass. He loved the way his white seed looked on my reddened skin.


So yes, I’m bad, but I’m so very, very good at it.



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