Lunch at the Office

I decided to take Mr. Mister lunch today. He works in a tall office building in the city, has a large office, floor to ceiling windows, a secretary, the works. He’d been complaining about spending too much money on lunches delivered, so I figured I”d be his new delivery service. When I got to the office his secretary, Janet, smile warily an warned me that he was quite busy. When I walked into Mister’s office he glared at me. I quickly explained that I had no intention of interrupting, I was just bringing him lunch. He ran his hand through his hair (God he’s sexy!) and apologized for his grouchiness. I sent out the food, tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich, an apple and sweet tea, then asked if I could do anything else to help him.


I stared at him for a moment and then obeyed. I wanted to lock the door, but Janet knew of our D/s relationship and had walked in on us before. This humiliated me terribly, but neither Mister nor Janet seemed to mind, so I really had no business complaining either.

Attend to me. Don’t stop until I tell you to.

Oh Lord. This could take a while. Nonetheless, I knew better than to disobey, so I dropped to my knees and crawled beneath his desk, my naked bottom sticking out. I unzipped his trousers and released his beautiful cock. Immediately, I got wet. I always do whenever I see, feel, smell or taste his cock. I started with his balls, caressing and licking, then took his cock into my mouth. I licked, kissed, sucked, worshiped his perfect cock and balls while he enjoyed his lunch.

Suddenly, I heard the door open. I froze, Mister’s cock pressed against the back of my throat.

Yes Janet?

Sir, will you need anything else before I leave for lunch?

No, I have everything I need. Thank you.

My pleasure, sir. Would you like me to lock the door on my way out?

Yes, please. I’m not expecting any clients for the rest of the afternoon. My wife will be staying for several hours, however, you and I shall carry on our regular work. I have some files to go over with you when you return.

Yes sir.

I heard the door close. I looked up at him, my mouth still around his cock.

Yes, dear. You heard correctly. You see I’m going to come in your mouth very soon. Then, you will continue to sit at my feet, naked. You will attend me. I might spank you. I might fuck you. I might have you continue as you are. I might just have you stand by the window so that I might enjoy seeing you. But you will obey me without hesitation. Questions?

I slipped his cock from my mouth in order to answer him. My cheeks blushed, I was already embarrassed that Janet had seen my naked ass and knew what I was doing to my Mister. Nonetheless, this embarrassment added to my wetness and I began to tremble. I would be able to please him all afternoon. Be available for his viewing and playing pleasure.

No, Mister. No questions at all.


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