U is for Uniform

By definition, a uniform is a distinctive type of clothing worn for the purpose of identification. Many people enjoy wearing uniforms for both BDSM/kinky purposes or in the course of their jobs. After all, who hasn't heard about the mythical "man in uniform" scenerio or the French Maid's uniform. Clothing says a lot about us. … Continue reading U is for Uniform

M is for Mental Bondage

BDSM doesn't have to involve ropes, chains, and cuffs. Sometimes, just a word is enough. A long time ago I was mentally in a place where I simply could not stand even the sight of ropes, cuffs, or any other form of physical bondage. We worked our way back slowly. My husband, always creative, slowly … Continue reading M is for Mental Bondage

C – BDSM Alpabet

Oh, so many possibilities - Collar, Cuff, Cum, Cock and Ball torture, Clips, Cuffing, Cupping, cane, candles, Chastity, clamps, cock ring - the possibilities really are close to endless. Sadly, I'm just going to concentrate on one. (Of course, if anyone would like my opinion/explanation for another, just leave a comment!) CUFFS:  I absolutely adore … Continue reading C – BDSM Alpabet