Maintaining Maintenance

It’s been a bit since I’ve written about my Saturday morning Maintenance. King loved the implement I had made him Keeping Maintenance Interesting and decided to make one himself. he and a buddy had gone deer hunting last November. They shared in the kill, splitting the meat and the leather as well as every part of the deer. From part of the leather, he’d made a new Tawse/paddle for me. He’d used it once before and OH MY but it caught my attention! Today, though, was more than just Maintenance. It was also discipline.

“Position,” he stated.

I bend over his desk and grasped the far edge.

“You will recite your vows before each blow. Hopefully, those blows will help you remember them.”

“Yes, my King.”

“I will obey your commands.”

WHAM. I yelped.

“I will confess any disobedience.”

WHAM. I gasped.

“I will be honest with you at all times.”

WHAM. I sobbed

“I will accept your hand for both pleasure and discipline.”

WHAM. I danced from foot to foot and grasped the desk harder to keep myself from reaching back to rub my bottom.

“I will mirror your love and respect for me.”

WHAM. Tears were flowing from my eyes.

“Go to your corner. You’ll stay there until I’m ready to discipline you.”

Sniffing, I obeyed. I knew this had been coming. I had known it since I had lied to him yesterday. I had totally forgotten about a doctor’s appointment and missed it, so instead of just owning up to it, which he would have completely understood, I lied and said the office had called to cancel. What I hadn’t realized was that a missed appointment meant an immediate charge which he saw and confronted me about. I felt TERRIBLE for lying and knew I would deserve this punishment. He wasn’t even angry, just disappointed.

“Turn around and put your hands on your head, feet wide apart,” he ordered.

I obeyed. “Because you lied, you will be punished. This isn’t the first time, either is it?”

I bowed my head, “No, King.”

“No. So, This will not be pleasant, but pleasant isn’t what you need.”

He pulled out a bag containing wooden clothespins and a long piece of yarn. He had me open my mouth to hold the end of the yarn then began to lay it on skin of my side breast, clipping a pin over it to keep it in place. It pinched like hell and I wiggled with each additional pin he added. Naturally, he continued to scold me while he attached all 24 clothespins, 12 surrounding each breast.

“Now, go lie with your back on the desk. “

Whimpering, I obeyed, careful to keep my hands on my head, which was quite awkward! He spread my knees wide, undressed, and rubbed plenty of lube on his cock. I was still sobbing quietly, tears flowing down my temples.

“You look lovely, actually, all beautifully repentant. You know where my cock is going, right?”

“Yes, my King,” I murmured.

“For the rest of the week,” he eased himself into my ass “you’re bumhole will receive all the attention.”

Then he fucked me. Hard. Fast. He pinched my nipples, twisting them. I exploded with a combination of both pain and pleasure erupting into something otherworldly.

Then. Then he tugged the end of the yarn from my mouth. In one quick yank, he pulled, releasing at least 6 clothespins. I screamed and came again. Four more times he yanked and four more times I screamed.

“Well done,” he praised, plunging inside of me one last time. “Well. Fucking. Done.” He pulled out, spraying his glistening ropes over my body.

Panting, he stepped back and helped me up. He walked me over to his couch and sat down, pulling me onto his lap. He kissed me, held me, and murmured to me until I stopped sobbing and shaking. Minutes later, I pulled back a bit and looked up at him.

“King, I really am ashamed of myself.”

“Shhh. It’s all forgiven now,” he assured me.

And that’s why I love my maintenance and punishments. No continuing resentment. No seething anger. Just acceptance and forgiveness. Oh, and incredible orgasms.

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