He always Keeps his Word

I stood, arms above my head, tied hidden hook on the inside of our closet door. Twin tears ran down my cheeks. He added a second set of weights to the one already on the clips. I moaned and opened my mouth but shut it again as he glared at me.

“How?” he asked calmly. “Tell me again how you thought you’d get away with lying to me.”

“I don’t know,” I sobbed. “Honestly, I really don’t know.”

Snot was now running down my nose and into my mouth. I sniffed loudly. Then yelped.

“Keep those legs spread,” he scolded.

I widened my stance which caused the weighted clips to sway. Again, his flogger flicked painfully against my wide open slit.

“I’m sorry!” I whined.

He tsked and added the third set of weights. I cried out as the clips tightened and swayed.

Five more lashes he gave to my poor pussy.

“You will be sorry,” he stated coldly. “You know better.”

“I do,” I agreed. “I just. . . just. . . “

He stood back and looked at me, arms crossed. I took a deep breath and confessed. “I just wasn’t sure you’d really follow through. I’m so sorry, sir. I should never have tested you like that.”

He smiled, kissed me, and cupped my pussy. The nipple clips hug painfully between our bodies. “I’m so glad you finally admitted it. Trust me.” He slapped my already swollen puss. More tears ran down my face from the pain of the slap, the pinch of the clips, but mostly from the humiliating knowledge that I had never been more excited. He unhooked my tether.

“Turn around. Good. Now, elbows on the bed with your legs still spread. I’m going to fuck you. Hard.”

He entered me, thrusting his cock fully into my wet tunnel. I gasped from the pleasure of him and the pain of the weights swinging.

“You will not come. If you do, I will whip that beautiful ass of yours before I take off the clips.” He continued to thrust as he spoke. Tears dripped onto the bed, and I bit my lip until I tasted blood in an effort to control myself. I SOOOOO wanted, needed, to come.

“Then, tomorrow, we’ll do this whole process again. And again each day until you learn control,” he ground out the words while he pounded into me.

It was his voice more than anything. I exploded. Stars shot off behind my closed eyelids and I sobbed, filled with joy, filled with regret, filled with the knowledge that HE would keep his word.

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