It’s Mardi Gras

Milord threw a Mardi Gras party and, naturally, I was part of the entertainment. Luckily, he’d also “hired” other submissives, so I wasn’t the only one attending to his 10 Dominant guests!

I began by pre-mixing two pitchers of Hurricanes and setting out a whole table full of appetizers, including a traditional King’s Cake. At the end of the evening, Milord cut the cake and I put each slice on a plate. Each Dom received a slice and whoever received the one with the plastic baby in it would have to host next year’s party.

I jumped ahead, though – a lot!! Before the guests arrived, Milord tied a pretty mask around my face and I arranged my hair around it. Rather than wearing clothing, I wore shoes and a golden body chain along with my collar, the one with the O-ring so that a leash can easily be attached.

As each guest arrived with his or her submissive (similarly dressed), I was required, as hostess, to offer fellatio to each man and to kiss each female. EVERYONE took me up on the offer! Several submissives also offered fellatio to Milord, many of whom he accepted.

I have no idea who I get so horny when I see Milord receiving or giving pleasure to another. Maybe it’s as simple as I enjoy seeing his body at work!

By the time each guest had been greeted, though, my jaws and knees were already aching. Nonetheless, I still had my duties as a hostess to perform, so in between blow jobs, I made sure everyone had a beverage of choice and knew where the apps table was, despite all the guests having been to the house before.

“Micah,” Master Thomas said, “I’ve brought a little gift for each of our subs. Since beads are traditional, I have 10 sets of anal beads which the masters are welcome to choose from and, if they so choose, insert into the sub of their choice.”

I blanched. He did NOT say into his or her sub! Generally, my ass was reserved for Milord only! My gaze shot over to Him. He smiled, sipped his water, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “Excellent. How about each sub choose the beads while they are still in their plain boxes, hand the box to the dominant of his or her choice, and then bend over.”

Everyone agreed and I breathed a sigh of relief. Until he added, “Except no sub can choose his or her own dominant.”

Milord grinned at me as all the other doms cheered. All the boxes were identical, so it really didn’t matter which I chose. I was last anyway, so by the time it was my turn, the only dom left was Master Craig, know for a hard hand and high expectations.

Luckily, Milord had instructed me to have plenty of lube available throughout the house. From my bend over vantage point, I could see Milord happily inserting some medium silicone beads into Mistress Jean’s sub. He did this slowly, forcing Kai to stay in position with his back flat and his feet wide apart while Milord had a conversation with Master Craig regarding my anal abilities and training.

The lube Master Craig chose was one laced with peppermint oil, so his generous application was a mixed blessing. Naturally, I chose the box with some fairly large beads. As he popped each bead in, he also slapped my ass. I grunted and lurched forward. Milord warned me that if I actually broke position, Master Craig would be honor bound to punish me. I nodded, bit my lip, and planted my feet as best I could. Luckily, there were only 6 beads, so I was able (barely) to keep my feet. Still, my ass was burning both inside and out by the time he finished.

When I stood, I noticed several glasses were empty and offered to refill them. The beads were seriously uncomfortable, but certainly not painful. I (along with all the other subs) were poked, pinched, swatted, as petted as each dominant felt inclined. We all danced, ate, drank, and played.

Overall, it was an incredibly fun night! I knelt down and offered each guest a farewell kiss or fellatio as he or she left, four of whom took me up on the offer. Finally, they were all gone and it was just Milord and me.

“It’s after midnight, my dear. That means lent has begun,” he said as he pulled me in for a hug. “Guess what I’m giving up for lent this year?”

“I have no idea, Milord,” I was surprised at this since he is not at all religions. I SHOULD have been worried!

“Fucking your pussy.”

I gasped. SERIOUSLY???

“Forty days of only being fucked in your ass or mouth. Lucky for you, Lent doesn’t include Sundays, so your puss will get a good workout once a week.”

I looked up at him and said, “As you wish, Milord, let it be done.”

He threw his head back and laughed, swatted my bottom, and ordered me into the bedroom. I was on the bed, ass in the air, face on the mattress, as he slowly popped out each of the hated beads. My back door was good and stretched, so he had no trouble entering. He spoke as he made love to me.

“You did well tonight, my sweet slut. You love this, don’t you?” His fingers were tapping my clit. “You’re dripping wet. I’ve just decided that I’m not even going to touch your pretty cunt for 40 days. Only on Sundays. Of course, you can’t touch it either, can you?”

I whimpered. He slapped my ass. “Answer.”

“No, Milord,” I sqeaked.

“That’s my girl.”

I came. And came. And came. Somewhere in the middle, he also claimed what was his. We lay spooned together, both falling into an exhausted and satisfied sleep.

This morning, he came down my throat, reassuring me that he meant to abide by what he had said last night.

I hated this idea, but loved him, so I answered with the only words I could. As you wish, Milord.

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