National Humiliation Day Part 2 (2022)

I awoke to the sound of a camera clicking away. I moaned and tried to bury myself under the covers. I knew Milord wouldn’t be sharing these pics with anyone but us, but still! He yanked all the blankets from me, scolding me for hiding my body from him.

“Ass up, head down,” he ordered.

I obeyed. Carefully, he removed the metal plug. He filled my bottom with lube – and I DO mean FILLED it – then without preamble or gentleness, fucked it. Hard. Furiously. Without Mercy.

“You love this, don’t you?” he gasped out.

“I do, Milord,” I quietly admitted.

“What a slut.” His smile and admiring tone took the sting out of this comment. “My Slut.”

He began to slap my ass as he pounded away. I exploded, coming with the same force that he was employing on me. He laughed, called me a slut again, and then, gods above love him!, filled my ass with his cum. I was so grateful that he hadn’t pulled out, I began to babble my thanks – until he again pushed in the metal plug.

“Come,” he commanded. “You can’t sit with the chain attached to the end of that plug, so go stand in the corner of my office. I have some work to do. I’m going to put these bells on your nipples. You will stand still. Every move you make will cause the bells to sound and I’ll be keeping count. Each tinkling of the bells will equal a slap to your pussy. Agreed?”

“Agreed, Milord.”

You’d think standing still would be easy, but with your ass filled with cum and a plug and more dried cum on your skin, it really isn’t. The dried cum was beginning to itch and the lub and cum inside of me was caused me to need a bit of privacy. After about 45 minutes, Milord had had enough.

“That’s it. You have annoyed me all you can. So far you have eight slaps coming your way. Why can you not stand still?”

“I, um, I really need to use the bathroom, Milord.”

No answer.

“I, um, I am begging you, Milord, to allow me to remove the plug so that I can, um, well. . .”

“I see. And you think a bad slut like you deserves privacy? Turn around, back against the wall. First, your punishment.”

“oh god,” I murmured, not sure I wouldn’t further humiliate myself.

Eight slaps to my now swollen pussy later, I was sobbing and begging for relief. Not only did I REALLY need to use the bathroom, I had actually come twice more!

Milord tugged on the chain, wiggling the plug, and walked me to the bathroom. He stood, arms crossed, and watched as he allowed me to remove the plug. He watched, impassive, as I relieved myself RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. He watched as I cleaned myself, then he had me clean the plug AND relube it! Naturally, he reinserted it.

That evening, as he watched television, he had me lie across his lap, still covered in cum and plugged. Every so often he’d finger me or spank me or (my favorite) order me to suck on him. Around nine o’clock, he told me it was time for bed and walked me into the bedroom. He had me lie on my back at the end of the bed with my ankles up on his shoulders. Again, he fucked me without mercy, twisting my poor nipples as he did so. I screamed his name as I came, begged for mercy (which I really didn’t want), and came again. Eventually, He pulled out and covered my belly with his cream one final time.

Milord held me close and we fell asleep. At six the next morning, he woke me again, this time by gently licking my still swollen nipples.

“Ready to get cleaned up? I am so proud of you for yesterday. You were amazing,” he praised.

“Actually,” I began, a bit shy, “Would you please make love to me first? Please?”

He frowned. “Aren’t you sore? Especially that poor asshole? It’s been filled for practically 24 hours.”

I giggled and said, “Oh yes. But I love the soreness. What I’d really love as well, is to show my appreciation for all you did yesterday. Please?”

He laughed and happily agreed. I climbed on top of him where we both came in a shocking short period of time. After, he carried me into the shower, removed the plug and gently washed away all of the humiliation from the day before.

And how did I feel? Truly humiliated, but also truly blessed.

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