Marked as His

“Are you sure?” Damon asked, small pliers at the ready.

“I am,” Missy strongly stated.

With a few adroit movements, Damon secured the pearl necklace around his submissive’s neck. It was lovely, encircling her delicate throat comfortable, with no way aside from snipping the metal links to remove it.

Missy touched the collar with hesitant fingers. “I so love this,” she whispered.

She turned, kissed Damon’s neck, knelt before him and held his hand. Looking up, she said, “You’ve given me everything I want in a husband. You’re kind, respect me, love me, and protect me. I’m so happy I will now constantly show the world, even though they will think of this only as a pretty necklace, that I belong to you.”

She unzipped Damon’s trousers, releasing his already throbbing cock. She cradled his balls and kissed each one. Slowly, she licked her way up to his crown, one hand remaining around his jewels and the other wrapped around his length. He was too long for her to take him all into her mouth, so she made up for this by keep her hand fisted around his base. With the ease and attention to detail born of love and experience, Missy worshipped Damon’s cock, enjoying the softness of his skin and the saltiness of his precum on her tongue. She would have been happy doing this for her Master for hours despite the pain in her knees and jaws.

Damon, however, had other plans. Pushing her head down until she gagged, he blissfully pumped his load down her throat. When he finished, Missy sat back on her heels, licked her lips and grinned.

“You have chosen to publicly wear a symbol of your committee to me. Will you now allow me to give you a private symbol?”

Missy nodded and smiled. Damon was being extra cautious, making 100% sure she was agreeing to his suggestion.

“What day is it?” he asked as she stood and bent over their bed.

“Tuesday. Day 2.”

“Then beneath your clothing, you will wear 2 stripes. Do you agree?”

“Oh yes.”

“So each day, you will receive the same number of stripes, right? One for Monday all the way to seven for Sunday.”

Twice the flexible acrylic can came down across both cheeks, leaving two parallel welts. Missy winced, but felt her nipples harden. Damon rubbed her bottom, soothing the sting.

Missy pushed herself off the bed and held Damon’s hand. “Yes, Damon. I want this. I want to FEEL you with me throughout the day. I want to start each day with your touch. I want the delicious secret of knowing I have a mark on me which no one in the world besides you knows about, one which you have precisely placed. I want this.”

Damon gathered her in his arms, kissed her head, and said, “Then that, my love, is exactly what you shall have.”

2 thoughts on “Marked as His

  1. Your stories that relate to ownership are my favorites. I believe in collars and a daily warming of her bottom in the mornings (her bottom should be warm, not on fire) help in keeping the relationship close and the sub to behave properly.
    Your stories are great and this one was no exception. Thanx bunches for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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