Halloween as He desires

I begged Him to allow me to be anonymous for the get together. I realized that absolutely everyone at the party would be vetted and in full knowledge of the lifestyle positive events, but still, I was shy. Naturally, I had to “pay” a price for my request, which I was more than willing to do.

To ensure my anonymity, I would wear a face mask which I could see out of as well as a veil across my lower face made of opaque material. My hair would be covered beneath a cap and I would, as part of my payment for the privilege of anonymity, go into the party alone. My Ard Ri, my King, would not be with me, at least to those who did not know us. In truth, he would always be only a few steps away.

It wasn’t Him playing with me which would please him tonight, it would be him watching me being played with while he played with others. My rules were simple. I was not to speak. He had laced a mic and ear piece around my mask so that he could hear what was said/suggested to me. He would then give his approval. I would simply nod or bow my head, shake it, and walk away depending upon his decision.

One thing you must understand, in the BDSM world, no Dominant would ever (unless prearranged) force a sub to do his bidding. There is always the opportunity for negotiation and the Safe Word is sacred. As I wasn’t allowed to speak, my right hand was never to be bound. I held a red scarf which I was to wave as my Safe Word. This was written down on several cards which I gave to potential Dominants. Along with other instructions. I was to seek out 6 Dominants.

The rest of my costume consisted entirely of 7 sheer scarves. After a Dom was finished playing with me (the scarves could easily be lifted or pushed aside for easy access to my body) He or She was to remove one of the scarves as a souvenir of sorts. When I was down to only one scarf, I was to see out Ard Ri.

I have to admit, watching Ard Ri flog, bind, and otherwise play with the other love submissives – both male and female was incredible. That alone got me into sub space! Of course, knowing that he was my silent director throughout my own flogging, paddling, finger fucking, nipple clipping, and belly dancing, only added to my excitement.

Toward the end of the party, when I had only one veil left, I went to him and quietly waited, eyes down and head bowed while he finished whipping a man tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross. Once finished, he glanced and me and ordered me to untie the man, wrap him in a blanket, and deliver him back to his Master for aftercare. Naturally, I did so then returned to Ard Ri.

He had me lie on my back on a bench, my legs on either side of the wood, my wrists crossed over my belly. Using my remaining scarf (not counting the one covering my face, He tied my wrists together then wove the long scarf around my ankles and the legs of the bench. I could still sit up if he wanted me to, but I was bound to the bench.

Carefully, he lifted the scarf covering my lower face only enough for him to insert his cock into my mouth. He was positioned himself so that he could bend down over my body, his cock going down my throat, his asshole even with my nose. I loved this position. It embodies such power over me, power which I willingly give to him.

As I sucked him, he pinched my already tender nipples, pulling them taunt until I squired beneath him.

“She loves this. See, look how wet she is,” he tells the watching crowd. “For those who are blindfolded, listen. You can hear her slutty wetness with each slap.”

With an open palm, he demonstrated by giving my wide open puss five hard whacks. Tears are causing my mask to become drenched. I’m loving every moment. So much so that on the fifth slap, I explode, giving the onlookers a tremendous view of my cum drenching Ard Ri’s hands. This is greeted with laud applause.

Ard Ri pulls out of my mouth and i shriek. I WANT his cum!!!

“Thank you all, but my Girl needs to learn self discipline. She’s going to have to wait until I get her home for her proper reward.”

He unties me and drapes the single scarf around my body. Looking down, I see that it is a rather opaque one.

When we arrive home, he rips the scarf from my body, picks me up, and carries me to the living room. His mouth is everywhere. His hands are everywhere. Mine are ripping his clothing off. Finally, we are naked on the living room floor where we make love with a need as primal as life itself.

After, he started a fire in the fireplace and we just lay there, cuddling, too exhausted and satisfied to move. Over all, this was probably the best Halloween ever.

One thought on “Halloween as He desires

  1. Another great story!
    I really love the consistent theme of willing and often eager submission and obedience to the Dom and the Dom is always a true Dom as he always takes care of his sub but has his way with her as well.
    Keep up the good work!
    Thanx bunches for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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