Long Distance Discipline

Milord Is out of town for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. No worries, despite the lack of cuddles, because we facetime every evening. Every third evening during our time, I place my phone on a stand, sit on the bed, and tell him of any infractions. If there are none, he gives me discipline without punishment – my absolute favorite!

Earlier this evening, this was the case. He texted me the time for our interaction as well as a list of supplies that I was to have ready and waiting. At 7:30 he was there (on the phone). Naturally, I was nude. For the first few minutes we just talked. Then, he instructed me to show him the ginger fig I had prepared. He asked if I had cut slits into the sides so that more of the ginger juice could escape easily. I had.

“Well done. Now, turn around and insert it into your ass. Go on. I want to see you do this. Good. Now, to make sure it stays in place, sit back down on the bed.”

I whimpered. The fig already firing my anus.

“Is it burn?”

“Yes, Milord,” I responded, almost embarrassed by the breathiness of my voice.

“Excellent. Now open the package I sent you. You know I love when your eyes go wide like that. Attach all three clips.”

I did so, gasping. Now, the tears started to roll down my cheeks.

“Well done. Hands on your head. Yes, that will stretch the chains a bit, but you can take it, can’t you?”

“Yes, Milord.”

And there I sat for fifteen minutes while Milord told me about his day. My face was wetter than my puss at this point. At the end of the time, Milord had me finger fuck myself until I came, which took a nanosecond! I showed him my own juices on my fingers before he had me suck them clean.

“Now, grasp the chain at the connection point and yank all three clips off in one pull.”

Again, my eyes widened and I braced myself before obeying. I screamed when the blood flowed back into my nips and clit, then, I came again. Milord laughed, pleased, which made me blush but also filled me with pride.

“Excellent!” he praised. “Now, how’s that asshole feeling?”

“It feels like it’s on fire, Milord. Please, when may I remove it?”

Oops. Whatever Milord inserts or commands to be inserting into me only HE can remove or tell me to remove. I am not allowed to beg or ask for its removal.

“I’m sorry, Milord. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry.”

He tsked and said, “Love, you know the rule and you broke it. I rather thought you might. So, go ahead and turn around. I want to see your ass. Good. You may remove the fig now, but, for your punishment, lube the plug with the special lube I sent you. That’s it. Insert it, but keep your ass toward the camera.”

“ohmygod” Not only was the plug LARGE, my anus was again beginning to burn.

I heard a chuckle. “Stings doesn’t it? The lube is enhanced with ginger juice. The sting will dissipate in about 30 minutes or so, maybe. That plug, though, will stay in until I text you to remove it. No, I’m not going to give you a hint as to when that may be. Now, turn around and sit again. How do you feel?”

I thought before I answered, sniffed, and wiped my face. “Owned, Milord. I feel owned by you.”

2 thoughts on “Long Distance Discipline

  1. *Owned milord I feel owned by you.”
    I love that line! It must be great to have that kind of relationship for real. And I mean great for Dominant AND, submissive A hand in glove, yin and yang. Sounds like the closest thing to a perfect relationship I know of.
    Thanks for the post! I’ll be thinking about owning and being owned for the rest of the evening.

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